A standout amongst the most conspicuous identity in motion picture industry tollywood, Kadamkari Kiran is not behind when it comes to helping the financially backward artist. According to a report, he recalls that when NagaBabu was president of MAA, almost 34 artists were given 1000 rupees while only one is facilitated with the same now. He is highly disappointed with this transformation.

Originally named Kadamkari Kiran Kumar, he is an actor, producer and a highly regarded comedian. His debut movie was Siva and Prema Zindabad released in 1991. Graduated with Bachelor of Commerce from Sri Ramachandra College, Hyderabad, he went on to name almost 200 films after his name. Kadambari Kiran has begun his profession through TV and later entered movies as an on-screen character, writer and furthermore a creator. He is often seen as playing supporting roles in rather comedy sense. His most prominent works includes ‘Anaganaga O Kurraadu’ directed by L.P. Ramarao which is a romantic story released on 15th August 2003, ‘Athili Sathibabu LKG’ released on 6th April 2007 and Adirinidayya Chandram released in 2005 which is a drama directed by Sriivasa reddy.

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Married to Kadambari Kalyani, he lives in Andhra Pradesh and fathers two children with the name Srikrithi.KS, KPS Sree.