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Rocket Raghava Telugu Actor

Rocket Raghava is a true comedian. His comic sense in acting came through his mimicry work since his childhood days and then even during college days too. He came into the spotlight with an unlimited comedy entertainers show ‘ Jabardast Click to look into! >> Read More... Jabardast ,’ and thus he came to be known as Rocket Raghava. The show capitulated him to fame which he never expected at all. According to the actor, after performing in the show, he came to know that acting has a limit. Raghava felt that he got military training in the show and it will be useful for his future career. He has learned the speedy way of dialogue delivery, dialogue presentation, face the arc lights and camera, etc. The actor is happy that he got 'Rocket Raghava' title from the public. The show continued for four years, and yet never failed to bore any viewers. He has balanced his career in TV and even films.

He got some film offers while he was working in the comedy reality show. He is very soft as a person. Raghava said that he learned to respect elders and teachers, and this continues still after his popularity. He has two children and lives happily with his family. He shifted from Vizag to Hyderabad as his parents wanted him to search a job. He did a course in social studies and even completed his B.Ed degree. He did an audition for AIR and did a show named ‘Natyaka Rasiaya’ that helped him to evolve as an actor. Also, he focused on scriptwriting in Doordarshan and later came into a reality show in private channel. Rocket Raghava belongs to a family where everyone is in the teaching field. Hence, his parents wanted him to become a teacher, but due to competition in the area of teaching, he could not make it. He was a mimicry artist and tried to copy voice of many superstars of Telugu cinema.

He learned this from hearing cassettes. He did the mimicry job in school, college, stage shows in the village, and got appreciation from everyone. Rocket Raghava got some throat infection, so he left doing mimicry and went to work in Doordarshan. He is also good at drawing sketches of cartoon characters found in comic books. After which he did anchoring, and then played some roles in TV series. His parent pressurized him to search for jobs which became a prestige issue for him. The actor took six months time to prove his credibility in TV shows and proved his caliber. He got a job as an anchor, and also got a new job in TV. He did not do any audition for the show ‘Jabardast,’ as they wanted a known face and thus he got the opportunity, and the show became a super hit show that he never regrets anymore.

The actor is very shy and always remains calm. Rocket Raghava thinks body language is essential for such show. Do you know he did work in Dasavatharam with Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... Kamal Haasan ? He gets inspiration from comedian-actor like Johnny Lever Johnny Lever is an Indian comedy actor who came to >> Read More... Johnny Lever , Brahmananda, Vadivelu, and many more comedians. He also takes part in dubbing. The actor has told media once that he wants to get into improvisation; he has to take care of his body language. It is different from cinema and reality show. There is a variation in dubbing and acting. There is a difference between the tone and voice modulation process even. He has acted in movies like Banthi Poola Janaki Click to look into! >> Read More... Banthi Poola Janaki which is directed by Nellutla Praveen Chander Nellutla Praveen Chander is an exceptionally skill >> Read More... Nellutla Praveen Chander . The film was a comedy thriller. The film had Dhanraj and Diksha Panth Diksha Panth is a Telugu model-turned-actress. As >> Read More... Diksha Panth in the lead roles. His other movies include 'Charuseela' and 'Kathrina Kareena Madyalo Kamalhasan' (2017). Comedy is a tricky genre, as humor is different to different people. Hence the actor Rocket Raghava is yet to get a chance to do a slapstick roller-caster role where there can be plenty of comedy moments which would enable him to perform the scenes in equal ease.