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Telugu Music Director Karthik Kodakandla
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Karthik Kodakandla represents Telangana in the Indian film industry.By calling, he's an Indian music chief artist, musician, lyricist, vocalist, and composer. Before giving a chance in Bollywood, Karthik worked as a software Development officer for Infosys. During his initial days, he composed music for short Telugu movies. His first short film, “Anukokunda,” released in the year 2012,is nominated for the Cannas film festival. He then continued his career in short films.

His short films, “why not a girl” and “1973,” were nominated for national and international short movies. His gallery comprises nearly 300 songs, including 8 for feature-rich movies, 20 short movies, and two web series. He has not only worked for Telugu movies but also for Hindi, Malayalam, English, Kannada, Tamil, and other language-based movies. For the very first time a Telugu movie, Bhandook,released in 2015, went for trending for its music.


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