Sathish is an Indian-Actor. He is born on 23rd May 1987. Along with being a film actor, he is also a comedian. He works in the Tamil Film Industry. He is born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India. As an Actor, he has acted in various films which include Jerry, Tamil Padam, Kola Kolaya Mundhirika, Vaagai Soda Vaa, Marina, Thaandavam, Maan Karate Click to look into! >> Read More... Maan Karate , Sigaram Thedu, Kathai, Aambala, Vai Raja Vai Click to look into! >> Read More... Vai Raja Vai , Thangamagan, Kotigooba 2, Devi, Abhinetri, Bairaava, Solo, Sathya, Pakka, Chandramouli, Boomerang, Seeru, Mr.Local, Gorrila, Sixer, 4G, Bhoomi, Gajanikaanth, Agni Vs Devi, Pistha, Ranga, Teddy, Annaatthee, Friendship, Indian 2, Seeru, Remo, and Rekha.

He has performed in various short-films named as Mugapputhagam, Siriya Idaivelaikku Pin, and Appappa. He has also won the award for Best Friend in Male in the Comedy Awards 2018. He has also worked in the theatre with Crazy Mohan Crazy Mohan was born as Mohan Rangachari on Octobe >> Read More... Crazy Mohan for consecutive eight years.