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F. G. Natesa Iyer

F. G. N. Iyer was born in 1880, on the 11th of November in Tamil Nadu. Iyer fought for our country’s independence. Iyer was a very active member of the I. N. C. and played a great role in politics. He was very fond of talent. Apart from helping India gain Independence as an activist, Iyer also spent the time to scout for new talents. Iyer promoted Tamil Cinema and Music to another level. Iyer encouraged new talents and helped them to achieve big things in life. Many of the talents that he discovered during his time went on to become some of the greatest South Indian singers. Iyer was born in Pudokottai, Pudokottai State in British India. At that time Pudokottai was a Princely State. The name of Iyer’s father was J. Sastry. His father was also known as Pudukkotamma. The name of his mother was G. Sastry. The name of Iyer’s brother was R. S. G. G. Sastry. His brother became the Dewan of the state when he grew up. Iyer was attracted to Carnatic music and drama from his childhood. To pursue with his desire, Iyer left his home in search of success at the age of ten years. When he joined the Indian Railways, he was appointed as a clerk. Iyer got posted in the Tinnevelly and Madurai stations. Most of his life was spent working for the South Indian Railway Corporation, and Iyer retired as the District Chief Superintendent. He retired in the year 1935. Iyer was the first ever Indian to have ever retired as the District Chief Superintendent. Iyer was a very active member of the Indian National Congress party. He used to represent his state in the annual meetings organized by the I. N. C.. he became a member of the party in the year 1914. Iyer represented his state in the Conferences held in the years 1915, 1916, and 1917 in Bombay, Lucknow, and Madras respectively. Iyer played a great role in the Independence movement. He used to give motivational speeches during the conferences. Iyer was an elected member of the Assembly. Rasika Ranjana Sabha is a drama group which mainly acts on Shakespearean and Tamil stories. This group was originally founded by Iyer. He had spent many years in his life in searching new, young talent who would help the country achieve Independence. Iyer has also trained some of them to be singers, and they have become famous Carnatic musicians. He died on the 23rd of January in the year 1963 at Bhopal.

F. G. Natesa Iyer Tamil Actor