Karuppu Subbaiah

Other names of Karuppu Subbaiah: M.Subbaiah Mottai Subbaiah
Karuppu Subbaiah Tamil Actor
  • Date of death: 1997

Karuppu Subbiah, well-known as Mottai Subbiah, was an Indian actor who ruled the heart of thousands of people through his comedy roles. He was born in Tirumangalam, a town in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He played various comedy and other minor roles in his acting journey. He worked in over 300 Tamil language films. He started his acting career in 1961 and his debut movie was Kumudham, in which he played the role of Periyasamy. After doing this movie he was credited with the name Subbiah. In 1985 he worked in the movie Aagaya Thamaraigal, which credited him as Karuppu Subbiah. He worked with different notable actors like Goundamani. He also acted in most of Ganesan’s films and played various cameo and minor roles.

He is very famous for his dialogue Jambalakidi Pamba. He is also known for his role as Karim in the movie Pachai Vilakku Click to look into! >> Read More... Pachai Vilakku . He played the role of a poet in the very famous movie Mahakavi Kalidas. In 1972, he did a movie named Jakkamma in which he played the role of Nattamai, which credited him with the name Mottai Subbiah. Apart from this, he did various other movies. His acting career remained active till 1997.