Dhivagar Santhosh Tamil Actor

On twenty-six January 1990, a legendary singer was born and named Dhivagar Santhosh. Also called as Diwakar, this playback Indian singer gained his popularity by winning the season 4 of Airtel super singer in the category of Tamil musical television reality show. Dhivagar Santhosh comes from a middle-class family who worked hard to create his successful image in the Tollywood industry. His parents are Santhosh and Ragini Kumar. He is the third brother of the family and has two elder brothers named Murali and Ravikumar. Dhivagar Santhosh was born and brought up in Chennai, he studied at the GWAT boys higher secondary school found in Vadagarai, Red Hills of Chennai. After school, he decided to pursue his higher education at the JHA Agarsen College at Madhavaram.

Since a child, Dhivagar Santhosh was dedicated to his dream of being a singer. He used to listen to the radio or TV and sing. He was always keen on music and during his childhood, Diwakar was frequently found admiring musicians in shows, weddings or any event. He tried many times to get the chance to play with the music bands in weddings or any show he was attending but never got the chance. Moreover, coming from a modest family, he could not learn music or take music tuitions. But having a strong passion for music he decided not to give up. He achieved his dreams by mastering songs while listening to them and learning the musical notes on his own till he knew them by heart. Due to his perseverance, he entered the Zee Tamil competition.

Later on, he participated in the Raj television and Sun TV contest. By giving mind-blowing performances, he gained popularity. Gaining more confidence allowed him to enter the Airtel super singer show whereby he won millions of hearts in India. He was thus trained as a professional singer and started performing in shows. With no musical background, Dhivagar Santhosh was personalized to be the real gem of the Tamil musical industry. During his journey at the Super singer season four, he was able to meet many renowned artists as SP Susheela, MS Vishwanathan, AR Rahman who came to judge the show. After winning the competition, Dhivagar Santhosh sang for the film Vadacurry as a playback singer. From 2014 to 2016 he evolved and became a well-known artist. His latest composition is for the song Tango Keeley from the film Kaatru Velliyidai.