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Other names of Subaskaran Allirajah: Allirajah Subaskaran
Subaskaran Allirajah Tamil Actor
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Subhash Karan hails from Mulliyawalai, Sri Lanka. He was born on second March 1972. He is one of the greatest business tycoons. He is the Chairman of Lycamobile. Subhash Karan has started that company in the year 2006. Lycamobile is a British Telecommunication company which is active in about 18 countries all over the world. There are more than 20 million users who are using their services. Subhash Karan also has his production house Lycra Productions. “Pirivom Santhippom” was the first film produced by him under the banner of Lycra Productions in the year 2008. Later on in the year, 2014 Lyca Productions collaborated with Ayngaran International to produce a movie named “KATHI” written and directed by A.R Murugadas and starring Vijay and Samantha as hero and heroine. That movie has been one of the biggest hits in his career.

He has produced many other pictures like “Ennaku Innoru Per Iruka (2016), Yanam (2017). There are many other projects like Robo 2.0 written and directed by Sankar and starring Rajinikanth as a hero. That movie is a sequel to Enthrikan (2010). And the movie budget is about $59million, which is the most exorbitant in the Indian film industry till date. That film is about to release in the year 2017 itself. Subhash Naidu and Ippadi Vellum are the other movies which are also expected their release in this year or might be next year. Apart from movie production, he has also distributed few flicks like Naanym Rowdy Dhaan, Vaisaranai, Vetrivel, Thaana Serndha Kootan under the banner of Lyca Productions. Subhash Karan along with his mother has started a charity called “GNANAM” for the poor and for the people who are dying without care.

This foundation helps the people to learn how to fish and will try to the core to help them in developing their skills in that aspect. This foundation constructed about 150 houses for the poor and needy in Sri Lanka. It has collaborated with many other trusts like British Asian Trust, Children's Hunger Relief, Muslim Aid organization to serve the poor and trying to help them to enhance their skills with the program called “Learn to fish.” That shows that he' s not only an honorable entrepreneur and film producer but also a man with dynamite heart. And coming on to his achievements he had already received many awards like a gold award for best enterprise in the year 2010, “International Entrepreneur” award in the year 2011, “Social Entrepreneur” award in the year 2012.

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Allirajah Subaskaran was born on 2nd March, 1972. He is a British Sri Lankan Tamil entrepreneur and a film producer. He is also the founder and chairman of Lycamobile, launched in 2006. It operates in 21 countries worldwide with around 14 million customers of subscriber base. Allirajah’s Lyca Productions is Chennai based in India. It all began with the debut in the film, “ Kaththi Click to look into! >> Read More... Kaththi ” in the year 2014. The currently worked movie includes the science fiction thriller 2.0 for production, peddled to be India’s costliest movie.

Subaskaran along with his mother Gnanambikai Allirajah brought the foundation of a charity into being. They named it, The Gnanam Foundation in the year 2010. The main target of the foundation laid its attention over providing help to the people of marginal communities and the people who were adversely affected and abandoned without any care during the Sri Lankan Civil war. The foundation also focussed on the provision of livelihood for all those who are in need for projects specifically for an individual, family or a community.

The Gnanam foundations works with the spirit of, “ teach a person to fish”,i.e., developing the skills to support themselves, without having been dependent on others for their wages. Not only this, the foundation has associated with many other charities like Children’s Hunger Relief, Muslim Aid and British Asian Trust to be able to contribute in other worthy causes. The agenda of this foundation is to construct 150 homes in the district of Sri Lanka, Vavuniya, in the year 2015.

In October 2011, Lycatel received 36th rank in the Sunday Times among 250 leading mid-market private companies. Subaskaran made an impact on the Asian Community in UK, for which he was awarded with gold for Bes overall Enterprise in 2010. He also received “International Entrepreneur of the Year” Award by the Asian Voice Political and Public Life, in the year 2011.

Allirajah Subaskaran was presented with an award of “2011 Power business of the Year” award in 2012 by the English Asian Business Awards. He also received, in the same year, “Social Entrepreneur of The Year” award. The awards were as a result of the recognition for the globally growing Lycamobile business. Subaskaran was only 17 when he came to Europe in order to escape war-torn Sri Lanka.

He helped his family’s Paris restaurant and also looked after his corner shop. Now he is investing in the costliest production movie 2.0 starring Rajnikaant, and . Subaskaran has come long way in life through his downs to ups and has proved his assets in all the grounds.