Thozhar Thiyagu Tamil Actor

Thozhar Thiyagu is a Tamil politician. He was born on 30 January 1950 in Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu. He is also known as Comrade Thiyagu and is a poet, social activist, and politician. He is also the General Secretary of the Tamil National Liberation Movement. He is also famous for his proficiency in Marxist ideology. Since his childhood, he grew up listening to the speeches of Periyar, Annadurai, Jeevanantham, and Kamaraj at the general meeting held at Thiruvarur. His introduction to Politics started in 1965 when his family moved to Valangaiman. He met Mr. Ameerjohn who ran a typing school and was against the Caste system.

He introduced Thiyagu to Marxism by buying books of Karl Marx Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Karl Marx and Lenin. He gave his first speech at the Indian National Congress in 1965. He was a communist by thought. He was sent to jail when he was just 19 years old in 1971 because he was involved in annihilation activities. There he formed Prisoners Welfare Rights Union and Literacy Movement. He translated Das Kapital written by Karl Marx while he was in jail.