If you listen to songs frequently on Raaga, then you will know about this singing sensation. Having shot to fame a few years ago, in the hit movie ‘ Soodhu Kavvum,’ this playback singer has gone on to deliver five hits in the five songs that she has sung for quite a few producing houses. Amongst her first songs were ‘Kadalil Kanmashi Pole,’ where she collaborated with famed artist Nivas, and the south Indian cinematic universe failed to overlook her raw talent. Since then, she has gone a long way, writing & composing songs, if not singing, successfully creating a wave amidst the rising competition in the current singing profession.

Ramani was born in 1987, in Tamil Nadu. Displaying a love for music from her early years, she took part in several singing competitions & went on to win quite a few at her school level. Her parents saw her huge talent & decided to encourage their daughter, pushing her deeper & deeper into the singing industry until she was able to achieve her big break. In 2013, she got what she wished for so long. Under the tutelage of music director Santosh Narayanan, Ramani sang her first ever song ‘Sa Ga,’ in the film ‘Soodhu Kavvum’. Achieving moderate commercial success, other music directors showed an avid interest in roping her in acclaimed movies to lend her voice to lots of famous tracks.

Her second big break came in the 2014 flick ‘ Rummy,’ where she sang the famous song ‘Oru Nodi,’ & it was from then on that her fan base began to flourish on a grand scale. Her sweet & mellow voice, adding to the soft & slow pace of the song managed to create a furor in the audience, all in the right way. Music director D. Imman became known widely for having brought a singer with such a high caliber onto the musical platform. He is widely known to have provided the boost to Ramani’s career. 2014 eventually went on to become her best year. Since it was Santosh Narayanan who had started her career, the music director deemed it fit to bring her on board on one of his esteemed musical works.

That’s why in the same year, he collaborated with the youngster in the acclaimed hit ‘ Cuckoo,’ for the song ‘Manasula Soora Kaathey,’ with the playback singer’s career reaching an all-time high, & the film being praised heavily for its background score & captivating musical performances. To end the year on a high note, Sean Roldan worked with her for the song ‘Thanniyila,’ in the movie ‘Aadama’. Though not great, the song was unable to live up to the hype that was created by her previous performances. She took a break from the industry for a year, & was back in 2016 film ‘ Manithan,’ working with her favorite music director Santosh Narayanan for the third time, for the song ‘Kondaattam’. Since then, the singer has not looked back & continues to compose several blockbuster hits by the moment.