An employee at an IT firm is forced to quit his job for not giving in to the whims of his co-worker A man is thrown out of his house for building a temple for

Soodhu Kavvum Movie Review

Soodhu Kavvum Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Soodhu Kavvum"
Runtime: 2 Hours 17 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-05-2013
Genre: Campus, Thriller
3.5 / 5.0

An employee at an IT firm is forced to quit his job for not giving in to the whims of his co-worker. A man is thrown out of his house for building a temple for Nayantara, the popular actress. A driver is kicked out of his job at a hotel for driving away in a guest’s car. What happens when these jobless men meet a kidnapper who is borderline schizophrenic to pull off the kidnapping of a rich minister’s son? Mayhem and madness ensue. This is ‘ Soodhu Kavvum Click to look into! >> Read More... ’.


Vijay Sethupathy plays Das, a kidnapper who claims that he has mastered the skills of kidnapping. Joining him are Pagalavan ( Bobby Simha The transformation of Bobby Jayasimha of remote K >> Read More... ), Kesavan ( Ashok Selvan Ashok Selvan is primarily a film actor, who has pl >> Read More... ) and Shekhar (Ramesh Tilak), three unemployed men who, in pursuit of making money, agree to be a part of Das’ plan. They follow a simple rule suggested by Das: Never kidnap someone who belongs to a political background. This rule works out very well for them, and they make some money. They break this rule soon when Nambikkai (Sivakumar) asks them to kidnap Arumai (Karunakaran), son of politician Gnanodayam (M.S Bhaskar), who has personal differences with Nambikkai. As the group gets ready to kidnap him, another group kidnaps Arumai to their surprise. Das and gang rush to kidnap him from the other kidnappers when it is revealed that Arumai had himself kidnapped so that he can keep the ransom money. Then a tough cop ( Yog Japee Yog Japee is a Tamil writer, trainer, and actor. H >> Read More... ) is thrown into the mix to investigate the kidnapping. What will happen next? Watch the movie to find out.


‘Soodhu Kavvum’ is a comedy like no other. The comedy isn’t forced by one-liners or running gags. The plight of the characters stuck in comedic situations is what gets the laugh out of the audience. All this can be credited to the great script coupled with wonderful direction. Director Nalan Kumarasamy Nalan Kumarasamy is a Kollywood film director, wri >> Read More... turns an average story into a rip-roaring comedy. Another aspect which works in favor of the motion picture is the unconventional background score. It has only one song, which is very less considering Tamil cinema standards, where the characters break into a song in every five minutes. The use of background music compliments the scenes a lot.

Star Performances

Vijay Sethupathy is amazing as the quirky, crazy yet innocent Das. His comic timing is extraordinary, and when matched with the humorous situations in the plot, the result is a laughter riot. The supporting cast is outstanding. Bobby Simha, Ashok Selvan and Ramesh Tilak shine as the reluctant sidekicks to the oddball Das. Sanchita Shetty Sanchita Shetty was born in the Bangalore district >> Read More... as Das’s so called “girlfriend” has a pleasing screen presence. Equally brilliant is Yog Japee’s cop act. He manages to scare with his menacing, almost psychopathic presence.

What’s there?

1. Skilfully written screenplay.

2. The comedic timing of the script ensures that every single joke makes the audience laugh.

3. The outstanding cast.

What’s not there?

1. The overall proceedings of the plot are not original, but the director still manages to make the film interesting.

2. Drags a bit sometimes.


On the whole, ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ is an entertaining movie. The movie’s strength lies in its genius writing and meticulous performances. With ‘Soodhu Kavvum’, director Nalan Kumarasamy makes an impressive debut and shows a lot of promise for the future.