Jakes Bejoy Tamil Actor

Jakes Bejoy is a film score composer who was born in Thrissur, Kerala. He was first heard in 2007’s Malayalee for which he composed the songs Malayalee, He Naade, and Pranaamam. He also composed the song Pulari Pon Praave in this year. Following that, he was heard in the song Swapnam in 2012 and Piravi’s soundtrack in 2013. For this original motion picture soundtrack, he composed the songs Thedi Thedi, and Yaar Ivanoo.

He made his debut in Malayalam movies with the 2014 film Angels. The songs from this soundtrack include Etho Navikar, An Unusual Guest, Irul Mazha, Hameem Hyder Rises, and Father Varghese Punyalan A.K.A. After this, he will be heard in 2016’s Monsoon Mangoes.