Aruldev Tamil Actor
Other Skills
    - Music Director

Aruldev was born in the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu as Maria Arul Devasirvatham. He is a very famous music director in the South Indian film industry.

It was always the dream and passion of Arul Dev to gain a good name in the music industry, and he worked hard to achieve the aspiration. This passion came because his father himself was an accordion player. Therefore, Aruldev’s inclination towards music is something that he has taken from his father and is inherent in him. 

To achieve the aspiration he had in his mind, Aruldev came to Chennai  It was always his dream to work under Vidyasagar and after coming to Chennai, he did exactly that. It was out of Vidyasagar’s suggestion that Aruldev shortened his name, and it was under his guidance that he started his career. The first movie he had ever directed was a Malayalam one named Dreamz, which was followed by another one named Madhuranombarakattu.

It is not just Malayalam Film Industry that he endeavored, but he also reigns in Tamil movies like Reen and Chandramukhi. He is indeed a very talented music director which is why he is appreciated for almost all the movies he has scored so far, and special mention is always given to Poovarasam Pee Pee. 

It is not just movies that he has conquered but also worked some commercials. He gave the background for an ad which was for a Tamil magazine named Jannal Samukathin Salaram. This is a magazine which basically was about social responsibilities.

Aruldev ardently believes that the most important aspect of a movie and its enjoyability is music. He feels that music is the backbone which supports a movie in order for it to make a mark on the audience.

Aruldev is extremely talented because he not only is a music director but is also a wonderful singer. He has sung for songs like Ithuvarai Ithuvarai and this song has been widely appreciated.