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Guru Kalyan (Maathi Yosi, Kotti, Gugan) is the forename of a Tamil characteristic film melody manager duo, invented Guru and Kalyan. The pair debuted with the Tamil linguistic picture Maathi Yosi in 2010 which was chosen for "Best Entrance Music Managers" by Vijay TunePrizes2010. The pair has currently functioned on Gugan, a Tamil flicks shaped by Great newsreels and engaged by Director C Alagappan of Vannathu Poochi renown. They shaped a music cinematic "Crazy Love Song" which publicized on YouTube on 13th April 2012.Apart from flicks, the duo has compiled music for a few self-governing small pictures of which the short movie Kakki, is a crime who Dunn it. Both Guru and Kalyan studied Carnatic basics from their dad Ganesha Sharma. Guru further gained distinctive teaching in south Indian traditional harmony and beatings like Thappu, Udukku, Parai, and Idakki. Kalyan learned composition basic from Guitarist/Creator Michael McCabe, USA. He also got superior guidance in Sound Project at Double Dutch chronicles, USA. Music manager Guru Kalyan is quite eager about how the melodies in his second flick Kotti, has come out. There are four tracks in the record, and they have fashioned up enormously well. Since the movie revolves around youths, Viveka has confined some memorable lines, particularly for the two figures KettaKetta Vaarthai and Ippadi Aanathillai he’s sure they will find many customers among the fresh spectators. He has also used new resonances in the album with different rhythm and stride. Apart from protruding singers like Harini, Harish Raghavendra, and Ranjith, he has used many overseas musicians for the record. The music manager is also cheerful about the theme melody of Kotti. It’s very exceptional. Some of the tunes are western rock-based and have come out remarkably well. Sivan, who is exerting the loudspeaker for the plan, is also frolicking the lead in the picture along with Bhagyanjali, who had before handed in Nellu. The climax of the record will be the memorable tunes, which will undoubtedly get sought after for ringtones, he presumes. He met manager Nanda Periyasami once and enquired him to listen to one of the melodies— a remix of the hit MGR figure Parthen Sirithen... After a year, Nanda called him up and requested him if he would be eager to work in his flick. And, the expert agreed promptly. It was fun laboring with the squad of Mine. Guru got an opening to trial with mini tunes(songs that are created only during the re-recording phase and that play in the backdrop of the flick). He has incorporated six melodies in the film that help in placing the atmosphere of the movie.