Lydian Nadhaswaram Tamil Actor
  • DOB : 6-09-2005
Other Skills
    - Music Composer

Lydian Nadhaswaram is a young Indian artist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In 2019, he appeared on The World's Best on CBS and won, winning a $1 million prize. At the age of two, He was a student of Augustine Paul, Music Director of the Madras Musical Association Choir at the age of one hundred.

It was announced that Lydian would be the first Malayalam film producer and film Barroz: Guardian of Da Gama's Treasure, led by Mohanlal, to take the lead.Lydian, a 13-year-old Indian music promoter known as the "Mini Maestro," has won a top prize of $1 million. He passed through South Korea's Kukkiwon, aka "The Flying Taekwondo Masters."

A young Chennai boy, who spent four years in the maestro A.R. Rahman's KM Music Conservatory and is now coached by his father, Varshan Satish, surprised the judges in the competition by playing at 280 beats per minute. My sister and I try hard and we create our own music, "said Lydian. The prodigy can play blindfolded, carrying two pianos at the same time, without having the ability to play the guitar and mridangam, said his mother Jhansi with real pride.

Currently, you are investing time in learning skills on the technical side, such as mixing and audio programs.

The boy does not watch much television, but it often happens on YouTube.

His performance earned him an invitation to the annual Jazz Foundation of America gala "A Great Night in Harlem" at the Apollo Theater in New York on April 4th.

Lydian says he wants to compose Hollywood music. "I want to work on a pornographic film," he said, adding that he wanted to play the piano for a month at a time.

His mother, Jhansi, proudly said he also played the guitar and drums, among other instruments.

On Thursday afternoon, Oscar-winning A R Rahman went to Lydian's house in Saligramam (Chennai) and introduced him. Lydian spent four years training for a full-scholarship at AR Rahman's KM Music Conservatory under Surojeet Chatterji at the Russian Piano School.

Lydian Nadhaswaram was born on 6th September 2005 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. His zodiac sign is Virgo. Lydian began his journey at a very young age and showed great interest in music when he was only 3 years old. Use xylophone sticks to play a rhythm that is considered a 3/4 pattern by a professional drummer. Lydian's father saw the power in him and began teaching him at an early age, but he was studying at home because of his practise times.

Lydian's father is Varshan Satish, a music director in the film industry. His mother, Jhansi, owns the home. He has an older sister, Amritha Varshini. Amritha is a voice and instrumentalist and appears in videos with Lydian on her YouTube channel.

At the age of four, Lydian began his morning training with teacher and drummer Maynard Grant. Lydian's sister Amirtha Varshini began studying piano and the two of them would travel together from time to time. By the time he was eight, Lydian had done more than 600 gigs with his father. After seeing his father play the piano, Lydian decided to learn piano, and he was sent to the KM Music Conservatory, a centre for the study of classical and western music. He stayed there for four years before participating in the CBS talent show 'The World's Best' and won an award.