Dennis Vallaban

Other names of Dennis Vallaban: Denis Vallaban. A, A Denis Vallaban

Dennis Velldani is a composer who works in the Tamil industry. Mark D muse and Dennis Velladni composed the Bow-Bow together. This story and music of this film have been praised in many festivals. It has also received many awards. Bow-Bow is the story of a five-year-old child and a dog which is emotionally connected. This film was directed by Pradeep kilkar which is his first film. This is Dennis’s first film, which is very well-liked. Dennis gets a new identity from this film.

This has proved to be very important for Dennis’s career. Now he is working on several projects. Dennis lives in Tamilnadu. His parents feel proud of him. Dennis had an interest in music since childhood. He learned music along with his studies. After learning music, he applied for a job in several companies in Tamilnadu but got rejected many places. He gave auditions in many places. In 2019, he got a chance to compose music in a film. Then, he got an identity.