Preethi Verma is an Indian model and Actress who predominantly worked in the South Indian film industry. She hailed from Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. She has portrayed lead as well as cameo characters in Tamil and Telugu films. She is well known for her recent Tamil film ‘ Saalai’. Preethi debuted in 2005 through a Tamil language film “Veeranna” as one of the female leads alongside with Napoleon and Anamika. The story revolves around a military officer, Veeranna(Napoleon) who rebels against the village head, Rajeshwari(Sheela) who spreads terror among the villagers and also he saves her daughter Aishwarya(PreethiVerma) from drowning.

Later Veeranna gets married to Aishwarya. Preethi did a splendid job in playing the character Aishwarya. In 2007, she was seen playing the character of Yazhini in the Tamil film “Anbu Tozhi(2007).” She did a fabulous job in playing the role of Yazhini who helps the male lead to achieve his dream of being a singer and later he develops feelings for her.That film didn’t do so well at the box office though. Preethi also played a vital role in the movie “Thirumagan(2007).”

The story of the films depicts the special relationship between a father and son that takes place in a village area. She also played leads in Tamil films “18 Vayasu Puyalae(2007)”,“Raman Nalla Pillai(2011)” and “Pachai Nirame(2011).” She did a Cameo appearance in the Tamil movie Maaran(2001) as the daughter of the male lead played by Sathyaraj. The film depicts the story of Maaran played by Sathyaraj about how his son gets killed by some local goons and don’t get punished for their evil deed.

So he takes it upon himself to give justice by killing the conspirators one by one. That film didn’t do much well in box-office but Preethi was appreciated for her performance. Preethi started her career in the Telugu film industry with Director Praneeth’s movie “Ramudu Manchi Baludu(2016)” alongside with RangaBabu which depicts the story of an incident that took place during the Reign of Chalukyas 1400 years ago.

She played a crucial role in Antony Charles’s Psychological sci-fi thriller movie “Saalai (2017)” starring Aadukalam Naren and Krishna Kurup. The film depicts the story of an IIT graduate going on a road trip and his encounter with strange things happening there. The entire cast and crew of movie ‘Saalai’ went through so many hardships during the shooting of the movie in a dangerous landscape and spine-chilling cold climate of Kashmir for around 45 days.