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Jyoti Sethi is an Indian actress. She has been working mostly in the Punjabi, Hindi, and Telugu films. Her famous start into the industry began with her presence in the music video (MV) of the Punjabi actor Gippy Grewal's pop song. Her next collaboration was with Ammy Virk Ammy Virk is a talented singer, actor, and produce >> Read More... , who was with her in a short feature. Her debut in the Telugu film environment started with the movie Where is Vidya Balan Vidya Balan is an award winning Bollywood actress >> Read More... . She acted along with Prince Cecil Prince Cecil is a budding actor in Telugu film ind >> Read More... . After the entire struggle, she made her way into Hindi cinema.

Jyoti was a brilliant student and had an academic inclination. Her dream was to become a professor and conduct lectures. She has a post-graduate degree in English literature. She was working towards her goal when life suddenly unfurled a separate plan for her. A talent search organization found her over Social networking website and offered her a modeling consignment. This proposal opened an alternative career option in the world of glitz and glamor that she could not refuse. Jyoti's risk paid off well, and she climbed the ladder of success.

The birth of her career happened in the state of Punjab, but soon she shifted her base to Mumbai to have a wider base. In Mumbai, she made an appearance in multitudes of advertisements and commercials for famous brands. She acted for Pepsodent, Tata Sky, and Utsav Fashion. Her father died in 1996. He mother has single-handedly raised her from childhood. Jyoti shares a strong bond with her mother and is very close to her. She shares every little detail of her life with her mother, and trusts her to make all the right decisions on her behalf.

Jyoti took birth in the state of Uttar Pradesh and later spent her childhood and adulthood in Chandigarh. She believes in Numerology and thus changed her name to Jyotii Sethi Jyotii Sethi was born on 12th February to Punjabi >> Read More... . In Where is Vidya Balan, Jyoti played the role of a doctor. The movie was a Comedy Thriller. Her seductive dressing earned her a lot of male fans. In 2016, her first Hindi film found its way into the theaters and went by the name of Missing on a Weekend. Her second Telugu film, Happy Birthday Click to look into! >> Read More... , premiered in 2017. Her two other Hindi movies, Phullu and DNA mein Gandhiji are currently in their post-production stages. Phullu was a social film.

Jyoti used the platform to promote the awareness about menstruation. Jyoti is positively comfortable discussing “taboo” topics like menstruation. She feels that it is a natural cycle and should not be looked down upon by anybody. She can talk about these matters even with her male counterparts. Sethi is progressive and rational. She is a typical Punjabi girl with her love for food and eating.


Born: 3 March 1958

Age Now 66

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Age Now 41

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Born: 2 March 1918

Lived For 64 Years

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