Prince Cecil Telugu Actor
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actor

Prince Cecil is a budding actor in Telugu film industry. He is a charming young boy who was born in the year 1990. The opportunity to act in the films knocked at his door through the director Teja. Director Teja was in the hunt of a new face for his new film. Prince Cecil went for the audition and got selected. He was trained for few months in acting and given the opportunity to act in the film Neeku Naaku Dash Dash. It was a hit movie. While Prince Cecil was enjoying his victory, he was called upon to act in the film Bus Stop, which was directed by Maruthi. His second movie was also a great hit. He then committed in Romance and then in Bunny N Cherry. These two movies did not meet the expectations of the audience and hence failed to impress them. A bilingual movie opportunity was given to Prince Cecil. It was a Tamil and Telugu bilingual in the name Manasunu Maya Seyake and Manadhil Mayam Seidhai. This film was given a short name as MMS and is about to reach theaters soon. The Telugu version got released and had an average result. His latest movie is Dollars Colony, which will also be released soon.