Venkatesh Mohana Harinathan is the full name of Venkatesh Harinatan. He was born in Chennai, India. By profession, he is an actor. He started his professional career in acting in the year 2013. Right now, he is working as an actor in Tamil Film and T.V. Industry. All in all, he is a true entertainer as he always keeps entertaining everyone around by his jokes and comic timing. He started his acting career by performing in various stage plays.

After getting a little bit of recognition, he started getting offers for T.V. commercials but before that he used to perform with a theater group named “Stray Factory,” present in Chennai. He has done five films in total till now, 4 of them were in Tamil, and only one was in Telugu. He debuted in the Industry by the Tamil movie in the year 2013 named “ Irandaam Ulagam Click to look into! >> Read More... Irandaam Ulagam ” then his next venture in the same year was “ Sutta Kadhai Click to look into! >> Read More... Sutta Kadhai ” in which he played the role of Sangilimaaran. Then he did quite a significant role in the movie “Moone Monu Varthai” released in the year 2015 and then in the same year, he played the role of ‘Karna’ in the movie “Moodu Mukkallo Cheppalante.” Then in the year 2016, he also worked in the movie “Meendum Oru Kadhal Kadhai.” Now, Harinathan is planning to direct a horror play named “Pillow Man.”

He also works as a humorist and YouTuber. While he was working with Mathiavanan Rajendran for the theater group Stray Factory, they realized that the popularity of YouTube is increasing day by day and it would serve as a better platform for promotion hence decided to concentrate on YouTube too. This is the reason why many people know him because of his online character “Step-Step Mani.” It became so popular that Venky started performing it in various public stage shows and soon it became the prominent act, and part of “Enna De Rascala” shows taking place in the city.

He never accepts the fact that he is a stand-up comedian as he believes that stand-up comedy requires a lot of time and dedication to think about the character and write a whole script revolving around it. But he says that all his comic acts, may it be live or on YouTube, are just based on improvisation as he just prepares a rough sketch in his mind, and while performing it, all his jokes depend on the type of audience and their reaction and responses.