Kevin is a Tamil Movie actor. He debuted in the Tamil cinema with the film, “ Enna Pidichirukka”. The movie released in March 2016. The movie is directed by ' Subburaj' and has Srividya Kalai as a music director. The lead role opposite Kevin is played by Preethi Vij. This was a small budget movie with a plot based on love and family enmity. In the movie, Kevin lives with his brother and his wife in a village. His brother being a reputed person in the village faces opposition from another man named Ravi Mariya, which leads to rivalry between the brothers of both. Preethi Vij plays the role of a U.S. returned girl visiting the village. Both Kevin and Preethi fall in love at first sight, but their union is resisted by the respective families because of the bad blood between the families. Though there isn’t any major performing role for Kevin in the film, he does well at the dance and the action scenes. The movie’s plot is weak and makes it a one-time watch for the audience.

Ravi Mariya Tamil Actor

Ravi Mariya

Ravi Mariya wears various hats that of an actor, a director and a writer. Born in Virudhangar situated in Tamil Nadu, India, he has been active in the Tollywood industry since 1997. His major body of work includes Tamil and Malayalam cinema. He excels in all that he does and that’s the nexus between all the various yet related professions he deals with. He started off as an actor in 2000 with a cameo in the movie "Khushi", he worked on cameos and special appearances till 2005, in varying Tamil movies. In 2002, he also worked as a director in the movie "Asai Asaiyai", in which he also played a guest role of a Detective. In "Veyil" that released in 2006, he had a significant part. After that he ventured in Malayalam cinema with "Mission 90 Days" followed by "Kurukshetra", then he ventured back in Tamil with "Pazhani", "Sandai" ,which was also written by him, "Mayandi Kudumbathar", "Goripalayam". In 2010, he directed as well as acted as Gajendra in "Milaga". Milaga was followed by movies in which he proved his mettle as an actor namely, "Maathi Yosi", "Manam Kothi Paravai", "Yugam", "Azhgan Azhagi", "Vathikuchi ","Desingu Raja", "3G Third Generation", which was a Malayalam movie. Followed by "Jilla", "Lingaa", which was a very high budget movie, "Vanna Jigina", "Boologam" and "Enna Pidichirukka". He had also written "Aalwar" in 2007. Throughout his career spanning from 1997 to 2016, he has directed two movies and written other two. As an actor, he has worked on myriads of projects. He is popular for his roles in "Mayandi Kudumbathar" and "Manam Kothi Paravai". Chennai is his home town. A lot of people don’t know that he began as an assistant director to S. J. Surya in Khushi. In an interview, the actor said that he has majorly played negative roles, but didn’t want to be typecast. He was of the opinion that he has a good sense of humor and would do well in the comedy genre too. He gave credit to director 'Ezhil' for bringing about the funny man in his. Ravi Mariya is rightly a multi-Tasker doing each thing he does effectively and efficiently.


R N R Manohar

RNR Manohar has worked as a Tamil actor, director and a film writer who has worked in many Kollywood movies. He is best known for his work as a director in the movie “Maasilamani,” which also happens to his debut. Maasilamani is a typical playful love story and was released in 2009. The movie was not much of a success because of its basic story line. But his work as a director was appreciated and well acknowledged. Later in 2011, came the movie “Vellore Maavattam” (a police drama) which had Nandha and Poorna as the lead actors and was released on October 5, 2011. The movie got mixed reactions, but again direction was appreciated. Manohar began with his filmy career by working with K. S. Ravikumar in some films like “Suriyan Chandran” and “Band Master.” In 1994, he worked as a writer in the movie called “Maindhan.” Then in the very next year, “Kolangal” released. For this movie, he worked as an assistant director, wrote a few dialogues and did a small role of a reporter as well. He worked as a dialogue writer in the movies like “Thennavan”, “Punnagai Poove” and “Vellore Maavattam.” His acting career was not much of deal, as he did minor roles in all the movies he acted. He played a gangster in “Thennavan”; did negative roles for two movies namely, “Sutta Pazham” and “Dhill.” Another Version Of this Bio... R.N.R Manohar was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu on 1st January 1972. He is an actor by profession and has also directed many movies. Manohar received his primary education in Tamil Nadu. He began as an assistant director in K.S. Ravikumar flicks like Band Master and Suriyan Chandran. He played a cameo role in the picture and also wrote dialogues for the same. Lalit’s first work, Maindhan released in 1994 for which he wrote dialogues. The movie had a simple story, in which a cop follows the principle of Gandhiji, and his son is a jobless person while Mr. Pillai tried to set up a liquor factory illegally in the village, the cop tries to stop this and kills him. His son takes the responsibility of taking the revenge of his father’s death. Manohar appeared in many movies in which he sometimes made cameo appearances and somewhere was seen supporting the storyline of the film. Some films are Kallazhagar, Dhill, Sutta Pazham, Ya Ya, Veeram, etc. In 2009, his debut direction was released. Maasilamani’s story is very simple and is about a local street guy who falls in love with a Porsche girl at the very first sight. He proposes her, but she rejects him as he is rowdy and thinks he will not be compatible with her. He disguises himself and becomes a gentleman and meets the lady’s parents. A local inspector who is also in seek of Divya’s (the girl) attention founds out about the whole plan and tries to ruin it, and by the end the guy wins her love. The film grossed 22 crores, and the audience liked the movie. Manohar acted in the picture Kallazhagar, the film opened to rave reviews and could not do well at the box office. In Thennavan, he is seen playing the role of a gangster who tries to kill a person named Vijay and murdered in the process by accident. He has also played the excellent negative role in various movies. In 2011, Manohar came with another film, “Vellore Maavattam” which did a fair business at the theaters and drew about 5.5 crores. The audience loved the movie and appreciated his work. He wrote the screenplay and the storyline for the flick and Sundar Babu made the music for the flick. In 2016, two pictures were released in which Manohar played the character of a Minister in both of them; it was Miruthan and Aarathu Sinam.

R N R Manohar Tamil Actor