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Ravi Rahul Tamil Actor

Ravi Rahul

Ravi Rahul is a film actor and director. He was born in Tamil Nadu, India. He has the Indian nationality. He mainly works with the Tamil film industry. He has made his acting debut with the thriller venture Pollangu in the year in the year 2012. He made his directorial debut with the Salaam in the year 2017. Ravi is also the lead actor in some movies. His recent release includes Edhukkudi Kadhalicha in the year 2018. Now we are going to know his project works one by one. He did his debut Pollangu in the Tamil language. It has released on July 27 and in the year 2012. It has the genre thriller. Ravi did it as an actor. The cast has for it is Vetri, Ravi Rahul as an actor, Vishwa, Nisha Lalwani, Yatra, and Nisha Lavani. Gandhi Marx has directed this one. M. Prakash and E. Ravichandran did the production. Cinematography has done by the Vinoth. The story has included the couple whom gone to honeymoon excursion. After sometime in forest excursion turns into some thriller suspense. Ravi Rahul did the Salaam, which is a drama and romance film. It has released on June 23 and in the year 2017. Cast for it is Ravi Rahul, Ashwin and Anju Kriti Gowda. Under the crew, the members are Ravi Rahul did the direction. P Selvam is the producer. Cinematography has done by D. Magibalan. Music direction did by the Dharun Antony. RG Anand is the editor in it. Choreography has done by the Ashok Raja. Ravi did this film as an actor as well as director. Rahul did two projects in the year 2018. His first one is Edhukuddi Kadhalicha in the Tamil language. The Release date of it is June 29 and in the year 2018. It has genre drama. Ravi did the direction in it. Kalavani Sirukki is his second one in last year. It has shot in the Tamil language. It has the genre drama and romance. Anju Kriti and Diwakar did the lead roles in it. It has released on October 12 and in the year 2018. Rahul did the direction for the film. Dharun Antony did the music direction. The screenplay has covered by Anju Kriti and Diwakar. He also did the Aatha Un Koyilile on May 10, and in the year 1991. It has the eight tracks. Kasturi Raja has directed the film.