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Saravanan Pillai

Saravanan Pillai is an Indian cinematographer who works in the Tamil film industry and the Malayalam film industry. His birthday is on 24th December. The Tamil film MGR Sivaji Rajini Kamal is his most well-known work. Saravanan hails from Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. He studied at Arugumu Navalar School in Chidambaram from where he graduated in 1996. Later, Saravanan shifted to Chennai and joined the Tamil film industry as a professional cameraman in 2001 and later became a cinematographer. In 2011, he started working at a studio named R Studio in Vadapalani in Chennai. Saravan worked as a cameraman under the cinematographer U. K. Senthil Kumar in the Malayalam film Uppukandam Brothers Back in Action which released in 2011. This movie was a sequel to the 1993 classic Uppukandam Brothers. Both the films were directed by T. S. Suresh Babu. He also worked under cinematographer D. Sankar for the Tamil political satire Nagaraja Chola MA, MLA directed by Manivannan. Saravanan got his first movie contract in 2013 for the film M S C Maari which was renamed during production and released as Naangellam Endagoodam. Saravanan worked as the cinematographer in the thriller drama film which was directed by R. Vijayakumar and was released on 5th December 2014. The movie was about setting and betting in a special form of boxing in North Chennai. Most of the viewers liked the movie. Though the film’s screenplay and plot were criticized, Saravanan was praised by the critics for his shots. The movie’s boxing sequences were especially favored by the audiences. Saravanan also worked in as a cinematographer in the film Rasigaral Nanpani Mandram which was released on 8th May 2015. The comedy movie is also known as MGR Sivaji Rajini Kamal and was directed by actor A. Robert, who also starred in it, and produced by actress Vanitha Vijaykumar. The film depicts the story of four men who loot an ATM of a bank while wearing masks of the South Indian superstars M. G. R., Sivaji, Rajini, and Kamal. Despite an impressive cast and crew, the movie received bad reviews and the audience did not like it either. Saravanan’s cinematography was also criticized as mediocre. Ramji’s acting was considered its only redeeming factor. Unfortunately for Saravanan, he is mostly well known for his average performance in MGR Sivaji Rajini,Kamal rather than his brilliant performance Naangellam Endagoodam. If Saravanan is currently doing any film projects they are unknown. He took part in the Jallikattu protests in Tamil Nadu in January 2017.

Saravanan Pillai Tamil Actor