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Yoogan Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

Yoogan is a Tamil horror flick made against the backdrop of an IT company. It was released in the year 2015 and received mixed responses from the audience. Directed by Kamal G, the movie has some nerve-gripping scenes which will give chills among the crowd. The star cast of the movie include Yashmith, Sakshi Agarwal, Siddhu GRN, Pradeep Balaji, Shyam Kirthivasan and Tarun Chakravarthy. With some very good performances this movie is worth the watch for those who love horror movies.

The plot revolves around a group of friends and slowly one-by-one each member of that group begins to die. The police believes this to be a case of murder while two of the remaining friends from that group, David and Vinay believes this to be a work of ghost.

Horror Mystery is a genre which has gained huge popularity especially in Tamil cinema and this movie is no different. “Yoogan” is an adventurous movie who would give everyone adrenaline rush and will make the audience glued to their seats. However, even with decent performances from the actors and a good piece of direction, this movie did not do well at the box office. Crowd, nowadays want that extra element or X-factor in the movies and movies would not do well unless they have that X-factor in them.