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Hansraj Saxena

Hansraj Saxena is known for holding the Sun Pictures productions which had produced many films and most of them are box office hits. Hansraj born in India and is known by Indian nationality. His occupation is to manage media and entertainment to maintain their productivities and income. Hansraj started his career in this field in the year 1983. Hansraj is working as deputy managing director for Sun pictures. He even holds the name producer, because he produced few films in which some of those were out of box hits and those pictures tend him to recognize widely. Hansraj heads in Sun group for film production and distribution which is a subdivision of Sun TV network. Hansraj completed his graduation at Loyola College in Chennai and he got a Bachelor of Science degree in physics. At first Sun group, people had recruited him to the post of manager for Kungunam magazine. Eventually, he had grown in the Sun group with various promotions due to exposure of his skills and now he holds the post of deputy director. Hansraj worked in Sun TV network, in which one of the channels he worked is Sun TV. In that network, he took the responsibilities of in-house programming like channel development, promotional activities, brand, positioning, marketing, budget planning, content management and researcher. Hansraj is the key person for attaining film distribution rights, he was the prominent person in Sun pictures, it is a film production studio that produces films at low cost in Chennai. Kalanidhi Maran is the owner of Sun TV network, which is used to produce low budget Tamil movies and helps to produce cinemas or else distribution of films. And now that film productions are most popular in Tamil cinema, Sun network group is initially started with small circle of people in which Hansraj is also a member of it, growth of that network had increased for every release of a film and Hansraj got promotions at every stage for showing his maximum potential and knowledge. Especially Hansraj had become the mammoth person for that network and now he manages the huge works in that Sun TV channel but all his works were in home managing. In 2010 he produced one screenplay by Sun pictures and he won two awards for his work. Hansraj had distributed many films since 2008 to 2011 under Sun pictures. Hansraj is back to the industry with a new name SAX pictures and has distributed as well as produced few films under it.

Hansraj Saxena Tamil Actor