Plot Kaala Kattam is the Tamil movie which explains the consequences of loss of trust in all kinds of relationship Whether it is a family or friendship trus

Kaala Kattam Aka Kaalakattam Movie Review

Kaala Kattam Aka Kaalakattam Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Kaala Kattam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 20-03-2015
Genre: Action, Comedy
2 / 5.0



Plot: Kaala Kattam is the Tamil movie, which explains the consequences of loss of trust in all kinds of relationship. Whether it is a family or friendship, trust is very much essential. If trust is lost, everything is gone. Rumors might spoil the life and if a person starts to believe the rumors spread by an anonymous and doubt his people, what will be the consequences faced by him and his relations is the story of Kaala Kattam.

Pavan and Govind are close friends, who shares everything in their life. Pavan is a fisherman; whereas Govind is a dancer. They both look after their profession and spend their free time together happily. During the course of time, Pavan gets married and Govind is still a bachelor. Pavan and his wife are living happily and Govind visits their house often and spends his time with them friendly. Pavan has got some money from the lender Rajendran. Rajendran is a kind of crooked minded person, who wants to exploit the lives of the women, who were unable to repay the loan money from him.

Rajendran’s criminal mind plans well to separate the friends and spoil the life of Pavan’s wife. So, he spread the rumor that there is an illegal relationship between Govind and Pavan’s wife. Pavan is a cheap guy, who neither has the trust in his wife, nor in his friend, suspects them. He cuts the friendship of his long time friend, just because of a rumor spread by some third rated person. What will be the condition of his wife and what happened to Govind is the rest of the story.

Usually the films have some negative characters and one or two positive characters. But in this film, there is no such positive characters seen. But the story depicts well about the trust to be kept by the family and friends. Without proper communication any relationship could be broken out is the message in this film. Pavan, who has acted as a Villain in many films has taken a lead in this movie. Story, lyrics and direction are handled by K. Baskar.