The audience only sees what’s showed to them on the screen, but there is much more behind the scenes. A lot of people work behind the camera put hard and effort to make that a reality. Photography is one such area that adds to the beauty of the flick and artists. One famous name in the world of photography is R.D Rajasekhar. R.D Rajasekhar was born in a typical south Indian family. He spent his childhood in Mayiladuthurai that happens to be in Nagapattinam District. He had a passion for photography since a very young age and wanted to earn fame in this field only. He didn’t do any professional course but learned by working under various directors.

His this live exposure was a game changer, and he learned the art of capturing what the directors want a professional photographer to shoot. He has worked under various big banners and with some renowned directors like Gautham Menon, A R Murugadoss and Joshiy. He also worked with Rajiv Menon as his assistant and their collaboration continued for eight long years. After working as an assistant to directors, he decided to take projects solely, and his first break came with ‘ Minnale,’ a Tamil film that hit the silver screens back in 2001. Before ‘Minnale’ he worked in 2 movies, ‘ Appu,’ and ‘ Rhythm’ but that was as a cinematographer. He worked in a few flicks to 2003, but he got appreciation and recognition in 2003 for ‘Kaakha Kaakha.’

Today R.D Rajasekhar is a renowned director of photography in the Tollywood industry. In his career span of 18 years, he has worked in more than 50 films. He has given his lens in Tamil, Malayali, and Telugu industry. He is very vocal about this choice and says that he loves shooting for action and thriller projects. His dream came true when he worked as the lead photographer in Hindi film ‘ Akira.’ Akira, released in 2016 had Sonakshi Sinha in the lead role, and Rajashekhar got an appreciation for his solo Hindi movie. His last project was a Tamil flick named ‘ Jarugandi’ directed by A.N Pitchumani that hit the silver screen in 2018. He is married and well settled in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Being a person who is behind the camera, his future projects are still under cover, but lately, he is taking very few offers.

Manish Murthy Tamil Actor

Manish Murthy

Manish Murthy is a budding cinematographer in Tamil cinema. He was born in Karaikal but did his schooling in Chennai. He was not formally trained in cinematography but got himself trained in the job when he got a job in Sun TV. He also became the associate cinematographer in South Indian film industry. When a movie 'Madras' (2014) was announced he bagged this wonderful opportunity to join the cast and crew of the movie and quit his job in Sun TV to further his dream to capture beautiful shots behind the lens. ‘Madras’ was a movie by Pa. Ranjith. He has assisted Mr.Murali (cinematographer) in films like Madras and Andhala Rakshasi. Later, he made his debut as a principal cinematographer for the movie ‘Unakkena Venum Sollu’ which was directed by Srinath Ram lingam. Srinath also worked on the screenplay which was based on the story by MR. The film starred actors Deepak Paramesh, Jaqlene Prakash, Mime Gopi, produced by K Mohamed Yasin and N Shanmuga Sundaram. Debutant cinematographer Murthy got noticed by everyone. It was a horror genre movie. The director gave him enough independence and space to do his work. This helped him to prove his talent and creativity. Since it was a horror movie, most of it had night scenes, and the cinematographer did not use any artificial light to catch the exact mood of the scene. The lighting in the scenes was natural which the cinematographer had pointed out many times. He said that his creativity was possible because of the team effort of the movie. Most of the shots in this film were decided on the set itself. He had a dialogue with the director before any scene that was required to be shot and with director’s approval, he did a meticulous job in cinematography which was commendable for a debut director of photographer. Since the film was based on a bound script, everyone knew the exact scene sequence in advance. This helped the team and crew of the movie to sketch the visual work in advance. Reports suggest that Manish knew Srinath, the director of Unakkena Venum Sollu for a long time. Before this horror movie, they were in a talk for another script, but that did not happen. But earlier, while working with Srinath for a short film titled ‘Theechedi,’ they decided to work on a feature film and thus the project ‘Unakkena Venum Sollu ’ was born and conceptualized. The first part of the movie ‘Unakkena Venum Sollu’ was engaging while the second half was undoubtedly the best more appreciated. The climax was unexpected, and many sub-conscious scenes had been shot well by the team - director Srinath Ramalingam, Director of Photography Manish Murthy. The emotions worked well in the climax. Manish Murthy also worked as director of photography for the movie ‘Senjittale En Kadhala’ which released in 2017, and it was a Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by Ezhil Durai. Director Ezhil Durai features in the lead role opposite Madhumila, while Abhinaya and Mime Gopi among others play supporting roles. The film had Lawrence Kishore as an editor and F. Raj Bharath as a music composer.