M R Palanikumar was born in Tamil Nadu, India. He is a cinematographer by profession. He is a great and inspiring person and struggled a lot to achieve his big break in Tollywood. Before taking the first step independently, he worked under many professionals and tried to learn from them. His debut work released in 2012. The film, “ Vanavarayan Vallavarayan Click to look into! >> Read More... Vanavarayan Vallavarayan ”, its cast included Krishna Kulasekaran Krishna Sekhar is a Tamil Actor. He is the brother >> Read More... Krishna Kulasekaran , Niharika Kareer Niharika Kareer, born on 7th November, 1989 is an >> Read More... Niharika Kareer , Monal Gajjar Monal Gujjar never dreamt of becoming an actress. >> Read More... Monal Gajjar , etc. Its shoot started in Coimbatore and continued for months until the crew packed.

The plot focuses on the relationship shared by two brothers who weaken as soon as a girl enters their life and the romance, love; comedy fills the empty parts of the film. Vanavarayan meets a girl at a wedding and falls for her. The girl is Anjali, which is portrayed by Monal. He confesses his love to her, but she completely denies his proposal and lets him. He follows her everywhere which makes her accept his love seeing his dedication for her.

Their affair starts and they plan a trip to Pazhani. Until the vacation starts, they both are happy and spend time together. On their holiday, they both encounter Anjali’s uncle. Her uncle opens up about the incident to her family, and they arrange a wedding for her to the USA settled wealthy, Suresh. Anjali continues to meet Vanavarayan, but her family thinks she eloped.

His brother beats him and hearing this news; drunken Vallavarayan sets off to take down Anjali’s father. He strikes him and tears his clothes apart. Anjali is terrified by this act and asks his lover to betray his brother. He denies her request and commits that he has a stronger bond with his brother which he won’t ever break because of a girl.

With these commitments, he breaks their relation and starts to ignore her. Vanavarayan is heartbroken and is unable to accept his separation, seeing this Vallavarayan feels guilty and plans to reunite them. He makes plans, but it’s his bad luck that nothing works out and everything flushes out. The flick continues how the pair is brought back together and does Vanavarayan sacrifice his brother.

Yuvan Shankar Raja Yuvan Shankar Raja is the popular music composer, >> Read More... Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music for the picture, and the audience loved it and also the movie gathered good response from the public. The critics appreciated the work and positive reviews tagged with it. It managed to gross over 14.7 crores INR, and it proved as a concrete step for Palanikumar in the industry.

Dinesh Krishnan Tamil Actor

Dinesh Krishnan

Dinesh Krishnan is one of the famous cinematographers of the Tamil film industry. He is also working as director of photography in the Telugu industry. He is one such ambitious person who has brought a change in the perspective of the audience with his skills and cinematography. He has made a big mark at a young age. His artistic and technical decisions have impressed film crew and have made him so popular. He developed an interest in this field at a very young age. He completed a three-year course in cinematography from the M.G.R Film and Television Institute, Chennai. He also enhanced his experience by working as a student photographer. He initially worked as an assistant for cinematographer Randy Rathnavelu. Dinesh worked along with him on films such as Vaaranam Aayiram, Enthiran, Haridas, David and few schedules of Nenokkadine. He was a part of some television commercial too. Randy was very much impressed with his efforts. Dinesh acknowledged the efforts of his senior Randy in providing him the valuable guidance. His debut film as a cinematographer was ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ in the year 2013. The movie was a black comedy and the extensive execution led it to create a path-breaking impact. Dinesh’s impact was evident with his second film ‘The Gidi.’ It was a murder mystery and involved a lot of semi-lits and night shots thus proving it challenging for the crew. His performance was well applauded. Thereafter he worked for the film ‘X: Past is Present.’ His next venture was ‘Kappal’ in 2014. It was a romantic movie that mesmerized the audience. According to him, Kappal was a ‘colorful expedition’. It had a variety of scenes with mixtures and fervors and was of different genre. The film delighted everyone with it’s out of the box concepts. In 2015 he gave us some wonderful movies such as ‘Valiyavan’ and ‘Mellisai’. Mellisai was a romantic thriller. Some of the Telugu projects by Dinesh are ‘Pandavullo Okadu’ and ‘Challenge’ in the year 2015. Dinesh has given another wonderful movie ‘Sethupathi’ in 2016. He is definitely the man behind the eye-catching visuals. On Valentine’s Day, there was a special song ‘Avalukena’. The best so far of his career has been the recent movie ‘Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum’ (KaKapo). His upcoming movie is ‘Rekka.’ It is evident in his work that he enjoys working on films. He believes that composition and knowledge of lightning can be obtained with a solid grounding in photography, which is the basis of cinematography.