Ramesh Narayan

Other names of Ramesh Narayan: Pandit Ramesh Narayan
Ramesh Narayan Malayalam Actor
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Ramesh Narayan was born on November 3, 1959, in Kannur Kerala. His family was from a Carnatic background. He started his training from his parents. His parents are Narayan Bhagavathar and Narayani Amma. Both are well known for their Carnatic music and their purity of swar. On seeing all these prides, he yelled himself with interest to learn the Carnatic music during his earlier days and started learning Carnatic music till he reached the age of twenty years. While pursuing his studies in the government music college, he found himself interested in Hindustani music and started to work in that with dedication and mastered that form of music. Ramesh was introduced to Pune by Ramdos for performing in arts and culture. After leaving for Pune, He started to learn Sitar under the guidance of Satchidananda phadke.

Within a short span of time, he became well versed in the Hindustani vocal. After that, he took part in the Gandharva Maha Vidhyalaya and took his course "Visharad”. He found himself passionate about seeing the style of Guruji Padma Vibhushan Martand, Jasraj and had the interest to learn the style and techniques from Gharana. For this he spends seven years in rigorous training for this aspect of the music. He made an effort of a thirty-hour concert which he gave on behalf of his father Narayana Bhagavathar and Guru Pandit Motiram. He played the role of composer for several movies and television series such as Magrib, Makalkku, Aynar and Sheelabati. His wife Hema is an exponent in Carnatic music also trained by Guruji Jasrajji. His children are Madhuvanthi and Madhu Shre who also followed him in their lives.

He got several awards for his efforts and contribution to his movies. Several people priced him for his efforts. He made his world book of records by singing continuously for thirty hours without a break. He is a well known musician who is talented in social philosophical and cultural dimensions. He started his flexography career in the year 1993 for the movie Magrib. He got his first best music director award from the Kerala state TV awards. In the year 2002, he was awarded the talkie Magha Malhar as the best music director by Kerala film critics. He received leadership award in August 2009 from cultural education center united the state. In the year 1997, He acquired the akashavani annual award and in 1998 the media studies Buddha awards.