Kedamangalam Sadanandan was born on 1926 in Paravur, Kerala. He had a successful career as a Kadhaprasangam artist (storytelling) he died in his hometown Paravur. He was a veteran Kadhaprasangam artist, actor and lyricist. Kadhaprasangam is an art in which the artist uses Malayalam texts from literary and enriches and entertains the audience with very emotional content to drive social changes. He died on 13th April while fighting with cancer for some time.

He is outlived with a wife and a son and a daughter in his family. He had his last performance of storytelling on February 14, 2014, of his career and ruled the stage with almost about 40 stories for over 50,000 hours on 15,000 different stages as one of the most successful Kadhaprasangam artists.

His two very famous stories areChangampuzha’s Ramanan and Vazhakkula. He has written scripts of 12 movies in his career and wrote more than 100 songs as a lyricist. He ruled on the stage of Kadhaprasangam artist for almost about 64 years which is a legacy. He is always well known for his work and received many awards and honours in his long career.

He is the recipient of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi fellowship, Sambasivan Dhanya Kerala Praveen award and about 250 other accolades in his triumphant career. He was a socialist and always motivated the artists to bring a change in the society about the well-doings. He also got a chance to act in the movies, but he has an inclination for writing stories and presenting in front of the masses and receiving applauds. He was an all-rounder whom many people aspire to become and his works will be admired all around in the years to come.

Meghanathan Malayalam Actor


Meghanathan is an actor from the South Indian film industry and mainly known for his roles in Malayalam cinemas. He is the son of the well known and National Award winning actor, Balan K. Nair. Some of the notable films he’s appeared in are ‘Chandranudikkunna Dikkil’ in 1999, ‘Chenkol’ in 1993, ‘Vaasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njaanum’ in 1999, ‘Vellithira’ in 2003 and ‘Nerariyan CBI’ in 2005. He was born in the city of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of the state of Kerala to Balan K. Nair and Sarada Nair. He was one amongst five children and was born second. His siblings are Ajaykumar, Anil, Sujatha, and Latha. His childhood was mostly spent in Madras (now Chennai) as they had to shift to the city for his father’s film shootings. He completed his higher secondary education from Asan Memorial Association in the town of Chennai. He later moved to Coimbatore to pursue Automobile Engineering. He had an inclination towards automobiles because his father was in the field and earned his livelihood through it before he got into films. After getting his diploma, he was given a role in Ashtram, the 1983 film with the recognition of being Balan K. Nair’s son. Although he hasn’t been playing any mainstream roles in films, all the roles that he was carried out so far have had gripping effects on the viewers of Malayalam cinema. He has played some far-reaching and villainous roles worthy of many accolades. He remains one of the most unappreciated and undermined artists that lie hidden in the South Indian film industry. He accepted in an interview that he was proud of being called the son of Bharat Balan K. Nair and that he has always been thankful to his father. After his father had died on August 26th in the year 2000, he was only left as an actor, and he had to climb his way to the industry. He has been into movies for over twenty years and has been playing roles in over forty films since then. He believes he did justice to every role he did, especially to the villainous ones.


Keerikkadan Jose

Mohan raj, better known as by stage name Keerikkadan Jose in Malayalam, is a film actor who is one of the most sought south Indian movie villain during 1990s. He got this title of ‘’ Keerikkadan Jose’’ from a film which he had starred with Mohanlal “Kireedom”( 1989) and its sequel “Chenkoi’’(1993). Mohan Raj derived the name of ‘’Keerikkadan Jose’, the immortal villain from the film ( Chenkoi & Kireedom) , which was a super hit. He also became a cult figure in Malayalam cinema after ‘’Kireedom’’ was released. Mohan Raj is remembered till date fondly by the Malayalam audience as Keerikkadan Jose. Such is the impact that he generated with his presence in the movie (Kireedom). However, the decade between 1988 and 2013 marks the peak of Mohan raj’ acting career, deeply enriching the unique character persona and presence in the film industry and in the mind of film lovers. He played the intense villain roles that portrayed the deep conflicts of and within villains or criminals that the society was mired in. After Kireedom’s success he played many villain role with Mohan Lal and acted over 180 films in all south Indian languages. Since he has been very choosy and selective in roles, he was never on a signing spree at all. With achieving success mostly in villain characters, the actor had settled in Madurai with his wife and two daughters. He had taken break from movies. Mohan Raj, who was on leave from the service for years (for his busy film schedule), in the year 2014, he rejoined duty after some legal wrangles and was posted as the Assistant Commissioner in the Enforcement department. He appeared as driver Jose in film Chirakodinja Kinavukal (2015) and has a few more projects in his hand.

Keerikkadan Jose Malayalam Actor