Sandhya Rajendran is a Malayalam actress who has worked in films and dramas. She is the daughter of theatrical director O. Madhavan, the sister of actor Mukesh, and the wife of E. A. Rajendran, a theatre artist. Divyadarshan, her son, is also a film actor. She has appeared in 'Swaroopam' and ' Swasthi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Swasthi ' and produced the film 'Hide and Seek .’ She has been involved in many O. Madhavan's Kalidasa Kalakendram performances, both on and off stage. For the drama " Macbeth Click to look into! >> Read More... Macbeth ," she was in charge of costume design and choreography. She has received numerous awards, including the Kerala Government Award for Best Actress in Drama and the Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Akademi Award.