Priya Kandwal is an upcoming actress who was pretty much into modeling in the earlier stages of life. She has successfully enacted her role in her very first film ‘ Style Click to look into! >> Read More... Style ’ in Malayalam directed by Binu S. Style was pictured in the screens of 2016. Style for a change was an action thriller movie. In the beginning, the film was not much supported by the audience. It was only after the release of the trailer, the movie had favorable comments and had kindled an interest in the people making its way for the red carpet. Her shots behind the lens of the cameraman in a film titled as ‘ Neenade Naa Click to look into! >> Read More... Neenade Naa ’ in 2014, which had the story line based on a romantic comedy, was a hit. She currently resides in Ghaziabad, India. She was titled as Priyanka Kandwal Priyanka Kandwal is a TV actress, who has featured >> Read More... Priyanka Kandwal and shows her interests in modeling and actions behind cameras.

She made her roles in several Hindi serials and a few Kannada films. She is from Dehradun, Uttrakhand and has given the cinema industry her essence of actions and style. She had a very different choice of her education in the stream of commerce which then she chose to model as her cup of coffee. Later when she had started out into the world as a model, she found herself a variety of opportunities and engaged herself with many agreements. Her pleasant beauty and energetic and enthusiastic desires, she made herself familiar enough among the people to stream in the top advertisements and made herself a good pay. Her debut was in a Kannada film which hit the big screen’s red carpet proving that it was a good choice of her first film behind the camera and had stolen many hearts with her character dilating her physical appearances.

Her skill along with her beauty spread her fame across the South, and she was called for a movie in Malayalam. Later this year, she has been busy acting in an upcoming film called ‘St. Peters Day’. Her first film in Mollywood also had its way on the hit list. Not only in big screens, but she also had her way with the small screens as well. The small screens included serials like ‘Pavithra Rishta’ in the language of Hindi. She was trained in a language class for a week to converse in Malayalam which is a much-needed factor of a versatile actor. As a wonderful young lady, she has coaxed many hearts to choose her when it comes to beauty and actions.