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Honey Rose Malayalam Actress
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In her career spanning 8 years, Honey Rose is considered to be one of the good actresses of Malayalam cinema, but she had indeed come a long way to achieve this position. 

Honey Rose has mainly acted in Malayalam films, but had ventured in Tamil and Telugu films too. Born on 5th September 1991, Honey Rose, ventured into the Malayalam film industry during the year 2005. She worked in the film Boyy Friennd under the direction of Vinayan. Later, she did one film each in Telugu and Tamil namely Ee Varsham Sakshiga Click to look into! >> Read More... Ee Varsham Sakshiga and Mudhal Kanave respectively. Honey Rose is best remembered for her role as Dhwani Nambiar in the film Trivandrum Lodge. Her performance was noticed in the film and she instantly climbed the ladder of success through the film. In fact, she even changed her name to Dhwani, but later she got back to her name Honey Rose.

Honey was initially tensed to play the role of Dhwani in Trivandrum Lodge. She felt that the role was something against her character. Honey feels that women are given strong roles nowadays. Incidentally Honey aspired to become an actor in childhood, but when she was approached for her debut film, she was quite nervous as she had no experience in acting whatsoever. After finishing the first shot, she realized that, her place is cinema. 

Hailing from Thodupuzha, Honey Rose has worked in over 22 films. She changed her name to Soundarya when she acted in the Tamil movie Kaandharvan. Honey Rose is eagerly waiting for her break in Tamil cinema. 

Honey Rose admits that, her acting strength has evolved with movies. She signs her roles slowly and steadily while her colleagues may sign more projects. Honey states that, she wants people to keep her role in mind for years together. Also, she is not frightened by big actors’ presence. 

Even when Honey didn’t savor success, she didn’t give up. Honey once said that, she is keen on roles that would get her popularity. And now she is quite a popular star!