Apoorva Bose is one of the most promising talented actresses in the Malayalam film industry. She is an incredibly energetic chirpy young actress who is packed with fresh talent. She kicked off her acting career when she was just fifteen years old when she got to act in the film “Malarvadi Arts Club”.

Vineeth Sreenivasan Vineeth Srinivasan is known to the music industry >> Read More... Vineeth Sreenivasan directed the movie. In the movie, Apoorva assigned a small supporting character. The fact that she acted in this film during her final exams in 10th grade just proves that she was dedicated to acting from the beginning.

The second role she got to do again was a small supporting role in the movie “ Pranayam Pranayam is a Malayalam television soap opera. It >> Read More... Pranayam ”, which opened her up more and help her improve a lot as she got to act with the most eminent actors in the Industry. Her big break could be said to be “Dr.Padmasree Saroj Kumar.”

All of these films were box office hits and helped put young actress Apoorva on the charts. Apoorva is presently a law student, who is working her way into becoming a good lawyer. Juggling along with her law studies, she is also a classical dancer.

And to fill her plates up, she also finds time to take up new projects and complete them. She is a versatile actress who can handle any situation or character given to her. This carefree young actress could turn over any role given to her with her magical touch.

She is a very generous person who does a lot of help to anyone in need. She is a [people person who doesn’t even need to try to make people like her. She has a charm to her that makes people like her instantaneously. She truly is an asset to the Malayalam film industry, one who can do wonders to the film.