Famous dancer-turned-actress, K V Shanthi, is well-known for her stage name, Shanthi. She was born in Kottayam, Kerala. Her father is a businessperson and is settled in Chennai. Her entire childhood was spent in both the cities as they kept on moving. This reason might be the main cause as to why she didn't have a good slang in Malayalam, and she had to take the help of dubbing artists for her voice in Malayalam movies.

K V Shanthi didn't enter the film industry directly. Firstly, she was a famous dancer. She used to be a part of a troop for a few years and soon, she formed own troop. She continued with her troop performances all over the the country for about 3-4 years. She is a dedicated disciple of world famous dancer, Uday Shankar.

K V Shanthi, while performing with her troop, got a chance to act in movies. She appeared in movies like ‘Ponkathir’, ‘Jailppuli’, and ‘Achanum Makanum’. When the production manager of Merryland Studio came to Shanthi and asked her to play a role, she immediately accepted, though for the role was for a second heroine. She appeared as Lusie in her first Malayalam movie, 'Padatha Painkili'. It is a social drama film directed by P Subramaniam in 1957. This film was a big commercial hit then. At first, she was afraid to face the camera, but later, she met it more comfortably.

K V Shanthi appeared in the role of Sathyabhama in the movie, ‘Bhakta Kuchela’. Bhaktha Kuchela was a remarkable movie in the history of both the Malayalam and Telugu film industry. A few Telugu actors took the major roles, and a few Tamil actors took the other roles. With this movie, she reached the audience of Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam cinema. This movie is one of those movies for which Shanthi is never forgotten for.

Coming to Shanthi's personal life, she married ‘Sasikumar’, and they have a child, Shyam Kumar. She appeared in and around fifty films, and later she retired. She lives as a housemaker in Chennai now.

K R Vatsala Malayalam Actress

K R Vatsala

K. R. Vatsala is an Indian actress in Malayalam movies. She was a trained dancer and got her break as a cabaret dancer in Ottayaal Pattaalam (1992). She used to get roles as supporting actor that had some song and dance sequence along with sentiment and family drama.    Vatsala’s father was from Andhra Pradesh and mother from Kerala. Her father wanted K.R. Vijaya particularly to become an actress since he was himself acting in M K Radha’s drama troupe at the time. It is said that their family could hardly make the both ends meet, that is why K R Vijaya made her debut in film. K R Vijaya made her debut in 1963 opposite Gemini Ganeshan. Vatsala made her debut in 1970s, when K R Vijaya was already an established star by then.    Actually, actress K R Vijaya was much more popular in Tamil cinema than K R Vatasala even. K R Vijaya has acted with all the time greats MGR, Muthuraman, Sivaji Ganesan and Gemini Ganesan, K R Vijaya, even had acted in Malayalam movies with the Prem Nazir, Madhu and Sathyan and entered the hearts of the hearts of Malayalees too.    Actress Vatsala’s another sister K. R. Savithri was also popular among audiences.    There was one similarity with the two sisters that both K R Vijaya and K R Vatsala had bought a studio. While Vatsala owned K R Films, K R Vijaya brought a studio with the partnership of K S Gopalkrishnan (KSG) and named after her first movie Karpakkam, but sold finally the studio to KSG.    Vatsala had acted over 250 films so far. She also acted in TV serials. K R Vatsala also owns a logistics company in Dubai. Her nieces Anusha and Raagasudha are also actresses.    She stays in Dubai as she owns a logistic company there and frequently seen travelling between Chennai, Dubai and the USA.    While K R Vijaya made her recognition as a leading lady, her sisters Vatsala and Savithri was seen as supporting actresses in south Indian cinema.



Kanakadurga is one of the most well-known actresses in the South Indian cinema industry popularly renowned for her roles from the 70s through the 90s in Malayalam movies. She is recognized for her famous dance number for the song ‘Kalyana Prayathil Pennungal Choodunna' in the film, ‘Nellu’ which came out in the year 1974. She was cast in a variety of films during her career, and some of them were, ‘Nirthashala’ in 1972. ‘Mazhakkaaru’ in 1973, ‘Rasaleela’ in 1975, ‘Nurayam Pathayum’ in 1977, ‘Mohiniyaattam’ in 1976, ‘Makaravilakku’ in 1980 and ‘Soothradharan’ in the year 2001, etc., only to name a few. Durga has appeared in over 30 films in her career in the South Indian cinema industry. She has also made appearances in other South Indian language films such as in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada movies. She was born into a family which was already involved in the cinema industry, which had given way to Durga’s desire to be an actress. She was born in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and her family was in the Telugu film industry. She had approached one of the filmmakers during her time, Mr. K. Vishwanath when he had made a visit to her grandfather in pursuit of a location for his new Telugu cinema. She had found her way to fame and recognition in the year 1974 when she had appeared in ‘Nellu,' one of the most iconic films of that time. She was offered the role of ‘Kurumaatti’ by the National Award winning film ‘Chemmeen’s film maker Ramu Karyat. The film was based on the lives of the tribal community who lived in the hills of Wayanad. She was cast alongside the then stars of Malayalam cinema such as Prem Nazir, Thikkurissy, Sankaradi, and Jayabharathi, etc. She was married to Ramachandran, one of the most well-known cinematographers in the history Malayalam cinema, and has a daughter named Manasa who made her debut in the year 2007 with the film ‘Big B’.

Kanakadurga Malayalam Actress