Malayalam Screenplay ( 0 - 12 )

T Damodaran


Screenplay Writer

A screenplay writer or screenwriter is a person who is involved with the creation of screenplays on which the movies, television programs and video games are based. Screenplay writing does not specifically require any education to be necessary but a person with good storytelling abilities and imagination can write a good screenplay.

The screenplay writers are freelancers most of the time. They write their screenplays and after it is sold, then they get paid for it. Screenplay writers are hired for a movie project to portray the story of the movie into a well manage package with various elements throughout the movie. Most of the time, a movie project is initiated by a screenwriter.

Screenplay writers sometimes also act as a screenplay doctor whose primary job is to analyze a given screenplay and improve the areas of the screenplay which may not be clear to the audience or can be improved to better portray the scene.