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Malayalam Lyricist Rajesh Athikkayam
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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Rajesh Athikkayam is a lyricist and poet who makes poems himself. He posted a poem on YouTube in 2019. The poem's name is Ormayonam, a Malayalam poem from the album Mannankattayum Kariyilayum. The poem is being converted into a song using instruments and is orchestrated by Sunil. Rajesh Athikkayam released this poem during the Onam festival, which is highly celebrated in the South. He released the first song in 2009. He has not only made song or poem albums but has also worked for movies.

He worked with many directors, poets, and celebrities like Amar Mouli and Dharan Sandeep during his career. He has mainly worked for the director, Vivek Krishna, for whom he has performed more than others. Rajesh's many songs have been converted into film songs and are used by many film celebrities. For example, one of his albums [called Daivam Thannathallathonnum-album name] song is "Nothing that God does not give." Chitra Arun sang that song, and Joji Jones provided the music.


Born: 21 May 1980

Age Now 44

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