Malayalam Journalist ( 0 - 12 )


Journalist The Details Tells The Story

A Journalist is the one who gives people insights about on-going events in the world around them. Their major work is to research about news, than document it, they write about it afterwards presenting it without twisting the facts. They are the one who are ethical, unbiased and works hard, also they display truth to the crowd through their unique writing capability. Apart from this a journalists may have to interview people, maintain deadline for submitting particular news, building contacts for future reference, checking the originality of the information given by the source and publishing various blogs.

The job description of a journalist does not change according to their working place; they have to do similar work whether they work in a office or radio stations or for some online publication. They may do get work in multiple fields related to journalism. They know how to separate facts from fantasy and operate in the wide range of circumstances.