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Kannada Tv Actor Dilip Raj
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Dilip Raj is a popular TV actor who is referred as the poster boy of Kannada television. The actor nursed his acting ambition from his college days started off as a dancer and choreographer. The actor soon got involved with amateur theatre groups like Dhristhi and Nataranga. His theater stint led from one thing to another and he soon landed a role on TV serial Kambada Mane. This was his debut role. Noticed for his good looks and acting skills Dilip then was offered Janani.

Dilip credits the popular TV actress Nandita of having helped him to get a foothold in the Kannada television industry. The actor during the course of acting in TV serials also completed his college education. He then went on to act in a number of serials like Ardha Sathya Story soon >> Read More... , Kumkuma Baghya, Preetigaagi, Rangoli, and Mangalya.

The highlight of his career though was playing the negative role in the popular Kannada serial Rathasapthami aired on Udaya TV. But Dilip says the role that he enjoyed the most was the one in Malebillu.

Though the actor did venture into film acting with the film Boyfriend he did not meet with much success at the box office. He then returned to TV and took up more work in and acted in a negative role in Mangalya. Films beckoned him again and he acted in Love Guru and Kshana Kshana.

Dilip has taken part in TV reality shows like D for danger and Kuniyona Bara. In 2013 Dilip returned to his love which is theatre acting.  He made time from acting in serials like Purushotama and movies like Loot and Kismat to be part of the play called Treadmill.

The actor is married to Srividya who was his junior in college. Both love theatre and they both fell in love with each other   and cemented their love with marriage. Dilip credits Srividya for bringing him back to theatre. His forthcoming movie is Sithara in 2015.


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