At 32, Nobin Paul is one of the most renowned and talented musicians, down in South India. Nobin is an Indian musician, film score, and soundtrack composer. He has worked mainly for the Kannada film industry and composed songs in Kannada films. Nobin was born on 11 April, 1983.

Just like any other person successful on one’s own accord, Nobin started his career composing music for TV commercials. He has made almost 1000 jingles for commercials at the early phase of his career. His polished musical skills soon were acknowledged, and he got a break to arrange music in Kannada songs. Nobin made his career as a musician in the Kannada film industry with Anand GK’S action thriller, “ Titlu Beka Click to look into! >> Read More... Titlu Beka ” which was released in 2015.

In the following year 2016, he composed music tracks for the horror movie “Dieyana House.” In the same year, this talented musician shot to fame, when he composed music for the critically acclaimed movie “ Rama Rama Re Click to look into! >> Read More... Rama Rama Re .” In 2017, Nobin also composed the theme song for the movie “ Shuddhi Click to look into! >> Read More... Shuddhi ” which went to become a successful movie in Kannada Film Industry. As we know, it’s only after a lot of struggles, one gets to be at the top of his/her career.

All this while, this talented musician could be in the Music Department for all the films he worked in, only to compose one or two tracks in the film. He got his major break in the year 2018 itself. For the two upcoming Kannada films, he is the music composer for those movies. He will be composing music for the films, “777 Charlie” and “ Katha Sangama Click to look into! >> Read More... Katha Sangama ” which will be released ahead this year. Like any other successful singer, even Paul has a record label of his. “Aananda Audio Video” is Nobin’s record label. No doubt, our country, no matter which region we are talking about, has a lot of talented musicians.

Nobin Paul is one of them. At the very beginning, he was able to give a proof of his amazing musical skills by composing jingles for commercials. Nobin has been showing his magic in Kannada films as well in all the flicks he has worked in. Hopefully, the projects he has in his pockets right now turn out to be a massive success in his musical career.

Nobin Paul, although in the early years of his career, has gained acknowledgement for his work from renowned personalities in Kannada Film Industry. He is one of the best musicians that the Kannada Film Industry has right now.

Veer Samarth Kannada Actor

Veer Samarth

Veer Samarth is a music director. He has Indian nationality. He is also a film score composer. He is mainly working with the Kannada Film Industry. He did various projects like Raja loves Radhe in the year 2018, JaaliBaaruMattuPoliHudugaru in the year 2017, Mass Leader in the year 2017, Putani Safari in the year 2017, Parapancha in the year 2016, Tharle Village in the year 2016, Bombay Mittai and Charlie Kannada in the year 2015. Other movies are PreethiGeethiItyaadi in the year 2014, Adwaitha in the year 2013, OlaveVismaya, Mandahassa in the year 2013, and Shiwamani in the year 2009, and Pari in the year 2012. Veer's recent movie break the box office was Raama Dhanya in the year 2018. Veer did Double Engine in the year 2018; His upcoming venture is Paapaskalli in the year 2019. Samarth did the music albums as Jalsa in the year 2016, Kaaranji in the year 2009, IPS section 300 in the year 2009, NimbeHuli in the year 2013, Paradesi Co London in the year 2018, and Yaar Ni Devathe in the year 2018. His record labels are Divo, Lahari Music, 2010 Release Akshaya Audio, 2018 Release Akshaya Audio, Aananda Audio Video. His music is available on YouTube, Gaana, Saavn, and Hungama. Veer's songs list is HuttidaOoranu in the year 2015, NammooraSantheli in the year 2009, NaanuKolikeRanga in the year 2009, AabidaAabida in the year 2017, KushiYagide in the year 2015, Beladingalalu in the year 2015, YenmandliDoctore in the year 2015, KaadalKaadal, Rama Rama in the year 2013. Other songs are Rockband in the year 2009, Theme Of 300 in the year 2009, OlaveOlave in 2010, SariyenuNinna, DilDewanaMastana, Vachana, Navarasa, Naa Kanda Kanasalli in the year 2010, Theme Parie in the year 2012, and Shivamani Theme. His film Raja loves Radha releases on May 25, and in the year 2018. Director of this venture is M Raja Sekhar. The cast is ShubaPoonja, Shobraj, Pawan, Talabani, Bhavya, Kuri Pratap, and Petrol Prasanna. H L N Raj produced the movie. Vijay Raghavendra and RadhikaPreeti played the lead role. Hi, latest hit in the year 2018 is Raama Dhanya. The movie has a genre Biography and Mythological. Director and producer are TN Nagesh while Veer Samarth did the music director for the film. Yashas Surya and NimikaRatnakar played the; lead characters with YashNinasam, Mandya Ramesh, Ramesh Pandit, Venu Raj are seen in supporting roles in it.


Ravi Basrur

Ravi Basrur is one of those few people who have the courage to leave a high paying career, set a path away from the established family business and follow their dreams. Ravi had been working as a programmer for 14 years before he finally decided to take the leap of faith and join the entertainment industry. Ravi hails from a family deeply interested in music and in his own words, he grew up listening to yakshagan and bhajans. Sculpture-making is the family business and needless to say the art runs in the family blood. Ravi says that his interest in music developed in his formative years only when his grandparents used to indulge in the prayers. As it can be seen from his career graph also, Ravi loves experimenting and the same can be seen from the music he makes. Such is his versatility that he has worked with nearly eighty percent of the music directors in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu industry. Ravi started working as an assistant to these music directors while being a music programmer and live rhythm player. Ravi’s musical professional life has involved working as a music programmer for Big 92.7 FM and Radio City 91.1 FM. Since 2008 December, Ravi dedicated himself to working as a music programmer at Shakthi Recording studio. “Ugramm” is Ravi’s 60th movie since he has been associated with the industry. It is, however, his first as a Music Director and won him the Zee Music Award for it. Other than this, he has contributed to the music for films like Mrugashira (2014), Ekka Saka (2015) and Ring Master (2015). Ravi Basrur’s music was last heard in the two films- Bilindar (2016) and Karvva (2016). Kavya Christopher of The Times of India wrote a very appreciative review of the soundtracks of Karvva. She stated that not only the title track – Ugramm Veeram – which perfectly captures the feel of the title that translates to aggression, rest of the film tracks take one into a romantic journey of much dreamed sequences which many movie makers ensure are present so as to provide an artistic relief to an otherwise power packed adrenaline rushing storyline.

Ravi Basrur Kannada Actor