Dhanasheela is an Indian Music director. He directs music for Kannada Movies. With time, his passion for music increased and brought him in contact with Kannada film Industry. Dhanasheela has directed music for films like Chinnada Gomde (2018), and Prakruthiya Madilu Banavasi (2016). Chinnada Gomde released on 2 March 2018 was a romantic horror film whereas, Prakruthiya Madilu Banavasi was an action and drama film which was directed by Dheeraj Surya Dheeraj Surya is a Kannada director who has direct >> Read More... Dheeraj Surya .

It was released on 12 February and had Lochan Barga Lochan Barga is an Indian movie actor born on Janu >> Read More... Lochan Barga and Sanatani as lead artists. The crew of the movie involved, Dheeraj Surya (Director), Nagesh Acharya Nagesh Acharya is an Indian director and cinematog >> Read More... Nagesh Acharya (Director of Photography), Dhanasheela (Music Director). He is a well-known music director of Kannada films.