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Sunil Nagappa Kannada Actor

Sunil Nagappa

Sunil Nagappa is also known as Darling Krishna and Madarangi Krishna, was born in Mysore, Karnataka, India. Sunil is an Indian actor who preferably works in the Kannada film industry. Sunil currently resides in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Sunil is the son of Nagappa, A retired police officer from Mysore. Sunil is highly educated, having an MBA degree in his hand. He started his engine of a career in the year 2009 and was ready to take off his plane of success. From then only he started lighting up his candles with success. In the year 2010, he got the chance to enter the industry as an assistant director in the movie Jackie, director by Duniya Suri. In the very next year, he was being at the same position did another movie HUDUGARU. Then came his first debut ever in the year of 2013 in the movie MADARANGI as a lead role (Manu) which was a super-duper hit. In the same year, he did NAM DUNIYA NAM STYLE as Yogi. Then in the year 2014, he did Jolly Baru Mathu Poli Hudugaru. Later in the three years consecutively he got back to back two movies each year. In 2015, he did Rudra Tandava and Charlie. Then in 2016, he did Doddmane Hudga as Krishna and John Jani Janardhan as John. In the next year, he did Mumbai as Jakathi and Jaali Baru Mathu Poli Hudugaru. Sunil has featured in a Kannada television drama serial called Krishna Rukmini. This was from where Sunil got his name as KRISHNA. This serial of Sunil was so popular among the viewers that they started calling him with this name only. So this was his double debut and achieved a hattrick in this. He then got HUCHHA 2 and played the role of Raam. In 2019, he has signed four movies together named Local Train, Chandralekha returns, Virgin and Love Mocktail. Giving his career a big thumbs up, he is still climbing the heights of success.