Shashikumar, hailing from Karnataka, India is an actor and politician who has acted in movies of various languages, like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and even Hindi. His central prominence and presence has, however, been in Kannada cinema only. He was one of the top actors in the Kannada film industry in the 1990s and is famous for his phenomenal dancing skills that differentiate him from the others.

As for the political front, he contested and became victorious in the MP elections for the constituency of Chitradurga. He made his debut in 1989 with the film Yuddha Kaanda and returned to success in 1990 with the movie Rani Maharani after giving a few flops. He went on to become and is one of the most popular and sought after actor. He acted alongside Rajinikanth in the Telugu film Basha. At the peak of his career, he suffered a tragedy that almost finished his career as a lead actor. He suffered an accident, following which his looks changed due to the ongoing surgeries. Due to this reason, big banners and production houses became reluctant to cast him as the lead actor. This is the main reason he had to take a plunge and try his hand at politics.

However, he didn’t lose hope and did make a comeback to cinema with films like Yejamana, Habba, etc.

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Shashikumar was born in the state of Karnataka, India. He is an Indian actor who has predominantly worked in Kannada cinema. 
He did his first film in 1989, titled Yuddha Kaanda. This movie was a K.V. Raju film, starring Poonam Dhillon Born on April 18th, 1962, Poonam Dhillon is one of >> Read More... Poonam Dhillon , Ravichandran, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan Bharathi Vishnuvardhan is an Indian actress who wo >> Read More... Bharathi Vishnuvardhan , and Shashi in the lead. The movie was a remake of the Hindi movie, Meri Jung (1985). The movie received positive reviews from the audience.
His career stumbled a bit because of three back to back flops, including Kollura Kaala, Gandharva, and Baa Nanna Preetisu. 
In 1988, Shashi did his first role as a villain in the movie, Chiranjeevi Sudhakara. Since then he started receiving many films to play negative characters
He did a movie with P. Nanjundappa, titled C.B.I. Shankar in 1989. The movie was a drama film in Kannada, starring Shankar Nag Shankar Nag, most influential and talented Kannada >> Read More... Shankar Nag in the lead. Shashi played the side role of a dancer named Santosh, who receives an opportunity from a political party to contest the elections of the local Zilla, but later he gets murdered. Santosh’s case was shut by the local police after a very casual investigation and concluded the death to be a suicide. C.B.I. officer Sathya later takes up this case and solves the mystery of Santosh’s death. The movie received a mixed response.
Shashi became a super-star after his role in the film Rani Maharani in 1990. 
Shashi and actress Malashri have worked together in many films. Other actress with whom he has mostly worked include, Tara, Shruti, and Sudha Rani Sudha Rani is an Indian actress in Kannada movie i >> Read More... Sudha Rani .
Kumar did his first major lead role in the film Policena Henthi in 1990. The movie was an action drama film by Om Prakash Om Prakash was an Indian character actor who never >> Read More... Om Prakash and the Dynamic Films. The movie had Devaraj and Malashri along with Shashi. The songs of this film were a great success including Hari Om Hari and Modalane Chumbana.
He has also worked with the Tamil superstar Rajnikanth in the film Baashha in 1995. The film was a Tamil action film by Suresh Krishna Suresh Krishna is a noted actor in the South India >> Read More... Suresh Krishna .
The actor is currently filming a Telugu film, titled Vighna and has announced that he will be doing a film revolving around the life of Buddha, titled Naa Mahabuddhivantha, which will be released in the early months of 2017. 
Shashi suffered a major accident because of drunken-driving in the peak years of his career. He suffered face injuries and had to undergo many surgeries. He is now no longer given the lead roles in films and thus had to take up a path towards building a political career. He is currently a Member of the Parliament and has won the elections from the Chitradurga constituency of Karnataka. 

Sharan Kannada Actor


Indian film actor, a producer, a playback singer, Sharan is a multitalented Kannada film actor and belongs to Kannada cinemas. Sharan usually appeared in a comic role as a lead actor or comedy themed movies. Though he did various negative and villain roles and also started his career with that only. Sharan went into the field of acting because of his parents as he had an interest in music first. He also has his album and also songs under his name. Personal Life: Sharan was born in Bangalore, Karnataka into a family of theater artists. His grandparents and parents were renowned artists at the Gubbi theater. Sharan is the son of J.V. Krishna. His younger sister, Shruti, was one of the leading Kannada actresses in the 90's. Though he entered the film industry due to pressure from his parents, his initial interest was in music and was part of an orchestra as a singer. He cut his own private devotional albums and also sang the title tracks for television series. Sharan married Pallavi and have two kids from her, son, Rudhay and Daughter, Punya. Career: Sharan didn’t want to be an actor in the beginning as he was scared about whether he would be able to cope up or reach at that height as his sister and his parents. Initially, he even ran from one if the sets during the shoot. Because of lack of confidence and to make an earning of his own, Sharan joined a computer course of 11 months which would serve him a job. But later he ended with the lack of money and because of his theatre representation he got a small role in a television serial. He started with the serial, ’Manetana’ and later continued with others. Soon he realised that he should try acting and made his first debut in the mid of 90’s. He did various villain and negative roles and appeared in small roles only but not as a lead actor. It was after his 99th film that he appeared as a lead actor in his 100th film as he liked the story very much and was also the producer for the same. It was the film ‘Rambo’. The film was widely appreciated and his performance was applauded. Victory (2013) was his second movie as a lead actor. The movie got famous because of the music in it. In 2015, Sharan starred in Raja Rajendra and the film received mixed reviews from critics, though his performance was appreciated. Awards: Sharan received the Best Actor in a Comic Role award for his superhit film, Rambo in the year 2012.



Shivaram has been in the Kannada film industry for six decades now, yet he remembers every incident as if it happened just yesterday, in all its vivid details. He has worked in every wing of the film industry, majorly working as a producer, director and actor. His presence alone eases a critical situation while providing strength to both the producer and the director. He was born in 1938 in Choodasandra village in Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border in the then Madras presidency. He later on, went to Bangalore to continue his secondary studies along with his elder brother, who was running a typewriting institute then. His first love was theatre, specifically the screening of Gubbi Veeranna, which made him turn towards film-making acting. Henceforth, he acted in several stage plays, joined the cinema in 1958, assisting various directors. Shivaram's first appearance as an actor on the silver screen was with Beratha Jeeva in 1965 directed and co-produced by K. R. Seetharama Sastry. From then on, he acted with almost all the directors of the 1970 s and 1980 s through 2000 s. But his all-time favourite is Puttanna Kanagal, with whom he worked for long. The only film Shivaram ever directed was Hrudaya Sangama, starring Dr. Rajkumar and Bharati. Calling onto the experimental genre, he has Thaayi Saheba of Girish Kasaravalli, Bara and Chitegu Chinte of M.S. Sathyu to himself. He also acted in Grihabhanga, teleserial by Kasaravalli based on the famous novel of Bhyrappa. He has worked in both experimental and commercial films, and he gives equal importance to both. He argues that while former helps in film industry’s survival, latter helps in taking film industry forward. He was part of both professional and amateur theatre. He enjoys the credibility of witnessing Kannada film industry’s growth both in Madras and later in Bangalore. Discipline is the one value he never gave up on, the fact which won hearts worldwide. Shivaram is also an avid collector of stamps, books and match boxes. In the basement of his house, there is a huge collection of books on literature, theatre, cinema, art and architecture. A knowledge treasurer, he is a walking encyclopedia. Many in the Kannada industry consider him a one-man University. Talking about future goals, this gem of a man has plans of doing his Masters in Philosophy and writing books that will help directors and producers.

Shivaram Kannada Actor