Niranjan Shetty

Other names of Niranjan Shetty: Niranjan Kumar Shetty



Niranjan Kumar Shetty (also known as Niranjan Shetty) is an Indian actor in Kannada Film Industry. He is known to have a large fan following specifically in Bangalore, India. He completed his education by receiving a degree of Masters in Fine Arts. He studied Fine Arts at College of Fine Arts (Chitrakala Parishat) in Karnataka. Following his post-graduation, he started acting and since, he has been seen in Kannada TV soap operas and multiple movies. He also is the Managing Director of his self-initiated company Ranjan Communications. One of the serials in which Niranjan Shetty can be spotted as the male lead protagonist is “Laxmi Baramma”. The TV soap is a tale of friendship imbibed with the typical Indian television family drama. It is telecasted all through the week, except on Sundays. It is broadcasted on the evening prime time, that is, 7:30 pm on ETV Kannada. The show mainly revolves around a friendship that can rarely be seen in real life. Like any other Indian TV serial, the theme revolves around the female protagonist, Laxmi. Her friendship with her boss' daughter Shruti is the main statement. The male protagonist, Niranjan Shetty, enters the scenario when the girls plan on getting married.

Due to enormous caste and status differences, there is a lot of drama revolving around the wedding. Apart from this plot, a few enemies play the role of villains in the love story and do everything possible to stop it. Case No. 18/9 is a popular Kannada movie which stars Niranjan Shetty in the main role. Along with him, we can see Sindhu Lokanath in the lead. This film is said to be the remake of the Tamil film “Vazhakku Enn 18/9”, in 2012. It is directed by Mahesh Rao. Abhishek, Rangayana Raghu and Shweta Pandit can be seen in the supporting roles. Recently, the youth star - Niranjan Kumar Shetty was seen in a Tamil remake film. After ‘ Paipoti’, he started working on a movie which will be the remake of the flick “Sathuranga Vettai”. This Tamil movie was renamed as “Jagath Khiladi”. Niranjan and Rangayana Raghu will be played prominent roles. The movie is said to be directed by Cinetech Soori. It revolves around the loopholes in the society and how people can use it for their maximum profit. The release of the film was delayed due to the protests by the Karnataka film fraternity opposing the verdict of the Supreme court in the controversial Cauvery dispute. The latest venture of the actor is ‘Rajaru’ which will be out soon.


Preetham is a motion picture actor from the country of India. He is predominantly known for working in movies made in the Kannada language. His full name is Preetham Suvarana. He belongs to the city of Mangalore which is in the state of Karnataka. He is extremely muscular and athletic. He has several pictures of himself baring his muscular upper region of the body. People often compare him to Karthik Jayaram, who is also a very famous Kannada Actor. Karthik Jayaram also has a body full of developed muscles. He is known for acting in films which are action sequences. Preetham is known to have got an offer for a Tulu motion picture recently. Tulu cinema, also called Coastal wood, is a flourishing type of entertainment industry in the Tulu Nadu region of India. The movie called OrindoriAsal is the one who gets credited with the rising popularity of Tulu films. OrindoriAsal completed its first twenty-five years; that is its silver jubilee quite some years back. Not only this, but he has also worked in the movie called Private Number made in the Kannada Language. The film Private Number has not released yet. It is all set to release after a few years in theatres in December 2018. It belongs to the genres action as well as romance. The talented person who is behind the direction of Private Number is Anand Kumar. The man who has worked in the management of the music is Agastya. The male protagonist of Private number is Preetham. There are two actresses working alongside Preetham in the motion picture. They are Claudia Ciesla and also Niharika Singh. Pratikshana is another movie that he is working on still. It is set to be released to the public next year. Pratikshana will get inaugurated in the month of September of the year 2017. It belongs to the drama genre. The director of the motion picture is Dhanush. The talented producer working on the movie is called T. N. Harish Kumar. Preetham has the role of the lead male hero of Pratikshana. The actress working beside him on this film is called Sangita Shetty. Not only direction, but Dhanush has also worked on the lyrics of the movie’s songs along with a man known as Prahalad. Pratikshana consists of many melodious songs. These got sung by singers such as Rajesh Krishnan, Nanditha, AnuradhaBhat, and also Badri Prasad.

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