Mayoor Patel

Other names of Mayoor Patel: Mayur Patel

Mayoor Patel is a creative, talented actor in the Kannada Film industry, who has been playing several fun filled characters, and entertaining everyone all around. Many of the reality show lovers might recognize him from the hit show Kannada Big Bose season 2. Big Bose is rough and tough game show that would put the contestants right on the spot. It is a show that would need the contestants to have a strong heart and an unwavering mind. For Mayoor, being in Big Boss was like a correction home, where he could acquire the strong skin and the tough attitude. He has been starring in various Kannada films from the year 2003, doing big and small roles, supporting character, character roles, negative characters and also the hero roles.

Whatever role he is asked to play, he can accomplish the task with the utmost ease, an ease that he has been able to develop over the years. He did his debut in Kannada in the year 2003, with the entertainer “ Mani Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Mani ”. This was an entertaining movie that was able to provide newcomer Mayoor with great opportunities to showcase his talents. On screen, he didn’t even show the nervous racket that the usual newcomers are seen to show. He did his debut in Telugu with the movie “”, ten years later, in the year 2013. The long list of hit films that Patel has done over the years include “Mani” (2003) , “Sukumar” (2013), “Local” (2015), “ Passenger Click to look into! >> Read More... Passenger ” (2015), “Mojugara mava Sogasugara Aliya” (2015), “Slum” (2013), “Hunja” (2010), “Muniya” (2009), “Ninade Nenapu” (2007), “Student” (2006), “Hettavara Kanasu” (2006) and “udees” (2005). All these films stand out from each other due to their exciting plot and more over the amazing performance put forth by Patel. He is a passionate actor who knows his way around acting.