Mayoor Patel is a creative, talented actor in the Kannada Film industry, who has been playing several fun filled characters, and entertaining everyone all around. Many of the reality show lovers might recognize him from the hit show Kannada Big Bose season 2. Big Bose is rough and tough game show that would put the contestants right on the spot. It is a show that would need the contestants to have a strong heart and an unwavering mind. For Mayoor, being in Big Boss was like a correction home, where he could acquire the strong skin and the tough attitude. He has been starring in various Kannada films from the year 2003, doing big and small roles, supporting character, character roles, negative characters and also the hero roles.

Whatever role he is asked to play, he can accomplish the task with the utmost ease, an ease that he has been able to develop over the years. He did his debut in Kannada in the year 2003, with the entertainer “ Mani Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ”. This was an entertaining movie that was able to provide newcomer Mayoor with great opportunities to showcase his talents. On screen, he didn’t even show the nervous racket that the usual newcomers are seen to show. He did his debut in Telugu with the movie “ Sukumar Sukumar Bandreddi is an Indian film producer, dire >> Read More... ”, ten years later, in the year 2013. The long list of hit films that Patel has done over the years include “Mani” (2003) , “Sukumar” (2013), “Local” (2015), “ Passenger Click to look into! >> Read More... ” (2015), “Mojugara mava Sogasugara Aliya” (2015), “Slum” (2013), “Hunja” (2010), “Muniya” (2009), “Ninade Nenapu” (2007), “Student” (2006), “Hettavara Kanasu” (2006) and “udees” (2005). All these films stand out from each other due to their exciting plot and more over the amazing performance put forth by Patel. He is a passionate actor who knows his way around acting.

Mandeep Rai Kannada Actor

Mandeep Rai

Indian-born Mandeep Rai is a superstar in the entertainment milieu. His talent as an actor is admirable. Mandeep made his debut in the film industry with “Sixer”,a drama released on 5 January 2007. This icon’s role helps the expansion of cinema. Mandeep Rai is a dynamic and passionate individual, who ensures the satisfaction of every audience. He performed for many blockbusters in the Malayalam Language. In 2007 his role in the movie titled “Sixer” contributed to the esteem of this blockbuster. He performed alongside icons like Adi Lokesh, Chitra Shenoy, Veena Sundar, Sadhu Kokila, and Rangayana Ragu. The melody for “Sixer” is excellent. This work of art mesmerizes the viewers, and is a delight to watch. The actions of Director Shashank, ensures the supervision of “Sixer.” Mandeep Rai gained experience as he collaborated with Shashank. Ramoji Rao demonstrates his expertise as the producer of “Sixer.” 2008 is unforgettable for Mandeep Rai as he gets an opportunity to showcase his talent in a movie titled “Dharod”. Director Uday Jadhugar proves his capability, by supervising the completion of “Dharod” effectively. Hamsalekha ensures the implementation of the music in “Dharod.” Rai performed in collaboration with Vinod Kamath, Aishwarya Nag, Kaushik and Jeethu. The involvement of a producer like Uday Jadhugar, enabled “Dharod” to make an impact in the entertainment industry. Mandeep Rai’s fame increases due to the impact of “Dharod” on the viewers. It remains one of his greatest performances as an actor. “Dharod” is released on 13th June 2008. Mandeep Rai proceeded in his career, by performing in the film titled “Dakota Picture”, whose release wason 1st November 2012.The scenes of “Dakota Picture” took place in Kerala, under the supervision of Director Om Prakash Rao. ”Dakota Picture” mesmerizes the viewers, due to the organization of the blockbuster, by some professionals of the entertainment milieu. Hamsalekha is responsible for writing this masterpiece. Nikesha Patel, Sarigama Viji, Mukyamantri Chandru, Rockline Venkatesh and Todd Hanna, are prominent actors, whose contributed for the success of “Dakota Picture”. Mandeep Rai gained experience as he associated with these icons. In 2015, he performed in a movie titled “First Rank Raju.”Director Naresh Kumar ensures the supervision of “First Rank Raju.” Mandeep Rai’s role is instrumental to the success of “First Rank Raju.” Mandeep acts alongside actors like Gurunandan Mandimane, Apoorva Gowda, Sadhu Kokila, and Chandra Sekhar. Ashwin Kondange and Naresh Kumar are the writers of “First Rank Raju.”


Vinod Alva

Vinod Alva, aka Vinod Kumar, is an Indian Kannada film actor. He debuted with the movie, Namma Oora Devathe, in 1986. The writer of the movie was A. L. Abbaiah Naidu. Namma Oora Devathe in Kannada means, “Our Village Goddess”. He has acted in over 27 movies since his debut. His last appearance was in 2005 with the movie ‘Gadipur’. It was scripted by S.S. David. Vinod Alva recently came into highlights as Sacchidananda had charged allegations of murder on him. Sacchidananda was the account's manager in Vinod's business. He has been on remand since then. He has also been charged for eliminating a BJP politician who was against him. Another Version of this Bio... Vinod Kumar is a Telugu-cum-Tamil actor who has appeared in lots of different roles. He made his debut in the Tamil movie, Nyayangal Jeyikattum, with Aishwarya Bhaskaran. It was the debut movie for Aishwarya too. Though Vinod made his debut in Tamil, he concentrated on Telugu movies. He started as a hero and continues as a character artist. Vinod Kumar is a good actor who uses the opportunity well. His Telugu debut was through Veera Vivaham, in 1987. Mouna Porattam was the hit movie by Vinod Kumar. Yamuna paired him in that film and the music was composed by the veteran singer, S. Janaki. Bharath Bandh identified him as a hero who has the ability to perform in any character. ‘Karthavyam’ was one among his career’s best movies, with Vijay Shanthi in the lead. Karthavyam was based on the life history of Kiran Bedi. Vinod Kumar did a supporting role in that film and it was the first movie for Vijay Shanthi as an action heroine. It was a super duper hit and earned a good name for both Vinod and Vijay Shanthi. This duo did one more movie together called Police Lockup, after the release of Karthavyam. It was also a super hit movie. ‘Lady Boss’, ‘Veerudu’, ‘Aadhi Shakthi’, ‘Maa Balaji’, ‘Ji’, ‘Toss’, ‘1820 A Love Story’, ‘Babloo’, and ‘Chandi’ were his popular films. At present, he is acting in Kaala Chakram and Oka Ammayi Oka Abbayi.

Vinod Alva Kannada Actor