Bhuvan Ponnanna Bhuvan Ponnanna, which means the world or universe >> Read More... started his career with modeling and then focused on movies since 2007. He had done some minor roles in films and his career in Sandalwood is yet to see an upsurge. He debuted as the lead guy in the Kannada movie Love Darbaar. Harshika Poonacha Harshika Poonacha predominantly works in Kannada f >> Read More... is the lead actress of the movie which is a directrorial venture of Vigneshwara Vishwa, a debutante. Vigneshwara Vishwa is a popularly known for his lyrics.

Bhuvan even ventured in Tollywood but luck didn’t quite favor him there. After trying his luck in Sandalwood and Tollywood he shifted base to television.

Bhuvan took up a role in the serial Shuba Vivaaha. However, he quit from that just after five episodes since he felt that his character was given importance neither in visuals nor in the posters. He also told that the role that he was given and the actual role were different.

Bhuvan is unmarried and is focusing on his career. Bhuvan once confessed that he has attained his status due to his hardwork.

Bhuvan took up a small role in Just Mat Matalli where Sudeep played the lead. Now Bhuvan is one of the participants of Big Boss Kannada Season 4.


Bharat Sarja Kannada Actor

Bharat Sarja

Bharat Sarja is the acclaimed actor Arjun Sarja’s nephew. Bharat Sarja made his debut in the cine field in 2013. It is to be noted that Bharat Sarja’s uncle, Arjun Sarja is noted as an action hero in both Tollywood and Kollywood. Besides Bharat Sarjah, his two other cousins are in the cine field. Bharat Sarja drew inspiration from his uncle Arjun, and he made debut in the cine field through Kannada movie ‘Veera Pulikeshi’ released in 2013. Bharat Sarja played a cop in Kannada movie ‘ Veera Pulikeshi’. The movie shooting commenced in Kanteerava Studios. Actress Rekha, who is known for her role in Jinke Mari, did a role in Bharat Sarja’s debutant venture. Bharat Sarja won the SIIMA 2015 awards under the category Best Debutant Actor for his role in the Kannada movie ‘Veera Pulikeshi’. The award function was held in Dubai. Bharat took up yet another chance ‘Hanuman’. While shooting for Hanuman, Bharat Sarja commented that his family of Sarjas is a devotee of Lord Hanuman, and hence the title was given. Bharat Sarja’s quest during his childhood was to be a director. He served as the assistant director in the Kannada movies Vaayuputra and Dandam Dashagunam. He had plenty of chances to do the role of a movie hero. But, following advice by his uncle Arjun Sarja, he delayed his debut in cine field. Arjun had reasoned out that a different kind of devotion is needed for one to turn a hero. It is a herculean task for any actor to get movie chances while his first film awaits release. But, Bharat Sarja proved to be an exception. He was new to the industry in 2013. Even before the release of his debutant venture Veera Pulikeshi, Bharat got a chance to do the role of hero in Sandalwood movie Hanuman. His cousins Chiranjeevi and Dhruva are into the cine field.


Krishna - Kannada

Born in Mysore, Karnataka in India on June 12th 1985, Sunil Nagappa was a notable producer and actor in the South Indian film industry. Sunil adopted the stage name Krishna, and most people remember him because of his stage name. Krishna mainly was an actor and acted in popular films and serials in Sandalwood industry. He became a familiar face on TV with the famous serial, Krishna Rukmini. Krishna held a degree in MBA, and his father worked as a police officer. Krishna’s father’s name was Nagappa, and they belonged to Sakleshpur, a town in Karnataka. Krishna came from a non-acting background as none of his parents were in this business. Still, his acting skills and talent made him reach this far. Krishna had an inclination towards acting since he was young and decided to pursue his passion by starting acting in daily soaps. Krishna became famous because of his part in the Kannada TV program, Krishna Rukmini. Krishna Rukmini used to broadcast on Suvarna TV channel and narrated the love story of Krishna and Rukmini and their attempts to make their relationship better. Krishna and Rukmini were total opposites but still they tried everything to maintain a stable relationship. This show received a great response from the viewers. After the success of this TV serial, Krishna worked in plenty of Kannada movies. He started by working in the department of direction in the film, ‘Jackie’, which released in the year 2010. After that, he got to play a small role in the movie, ‘Hudugaru’ (2011). This flick narrated the story of three young guys who aspire to become something and move to Dubai, but their life takes a turn for the worse. Krishna’s first prominent role came with the flick, ‘Madrangi’, produced by Krishna’s father, ‘Nagappa’. This film did good numbers at the box-office. After that, Krishna never looked back and went ahead to act in movies like Nam Duniya Nam Style, Hai Krishna, Rudra Tandava, and ‘Charlie’. He played pivotal roles in these movies and rose to the pinnacle of fame. However, his success was short-lived as he was stabbed to death in the year 2015. It was because of some personal rivalry between Krishna and his friends. Krishna went to a temple with his family, and his mother was praying in Maramma temple while his friends murdered him. Krishna didn’t share a good relationship with his murderer friends because of some financial clashes between them. In 2014, a case also got registered against Krishna for trying to kill a friend of him. But soon he got the bail. Krishna had a total of eight cases filed against him.

Krishna - Kannada Kannada Actor