Bhuvan Ponnanna Bhuvan Ponnanna, which means the world or universe >> Read More... Bhuvan Ponnanna started his career with modeling and then focused on movies since 2007. He had done some minor roles in films and his career in Sandalwood is yet to see an upsurge. He debuted as the lead guy in the Kannada movie Love Darbaar. Harshika Poonacha Harshika Poonacha predominantly works in Kannada f >> Read More... Harshika Poonacha is the lead actress of the movie which is a directrorial venture of Vigneshwara Vishwa, a debutante. Vigneshwara Vishwa is a popularly known for his lyrics.

Bhuvan even ventured in Tollywood but luck didn’t quite favor him there. After trying his luck in Sandalwood and Tollywood he shifted base to television.

Bhuvan took up a role in the serial Shuba Vivaaha. However, he quit from that just after five episodes since he felt that his character was given importance neither in visuals nor in the posters. He also told that the role that he was given and the actual role were different.

Bhuvan is unmarried and is focusing on his career. Bhuvan once confessed that he has attained his status due to his hardwork.

Bhuvan took up a small role in Just Mat Matalli where Sudeep played the lead. Now Bhuvan is one of the participants of Big Boss Kannada Season 4.