B C Patil

Other names of B C Patil: Basavanagowda Channabasavanagowda Patil

A veteran actor, B. C. Patil has been a part of the Kannada film industry, for more than twenty years. Patil has not left any stone unturned. B. C. Patil was a police officer, who went on to become an Actor, and is currently a politician, in Karnataka. Patil has a bachelor degree in Arts, from a university in Karnataka. After graduating, he underwent police training in Mysore and became a police officer, in the year 1979.

He entered movies, in the year 1993, through the movie Nishkarsha, a thriller film that won him fame. He then starred in the flicks Mahakshatriya, Jaana, Kiladigalu, Curfew, Jai Hind, Kaurava, Hats Off India, Astra, Surya IPS and a dozen more. Patil has appeared in more than twenty-five films. He recently acted in the movie Pungi Daasa, in the year 2014. The film was a comedy one, which is about the efforts out by a person to get back all the money, lent by his grandfather.

Patil has directed and written the screenplay for more than four movies, such as Shivappa Nayaka (2001), Hatthira Odeya (2002), Surya IPS (2003) and a few more. B. C. Patil has also ventured into direction and production. This versatile actor turned into a politician recently. He has been elected for the second time, as the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), of the Hirekerur Constituency. B. C. Patil is married happily with two children. He got married to Vanaja, and the names of the couple’s children are Sowmya and Srushti.

Tiger Prabhakar

Tiger Prabhakar is a prominent Indian actor, producer and director who became famous in the Kannada and Telugu films. He was born on March 30, 1950 in Frazer Town, Bangalore, Mysore State in India. He also appeared in few Tamil, Malayalam and Bollywood movies. Prabhakar became popular for doing villainous roles in more than 450 films he donned on his career. He started ding negative roles in small budget films and was later debuted in the 1969 film, Kaadina Rahasya. Afterwards, he also donned action and thriller films. He got his name Tiger after doing the film, Hulli Hejjai and fought with a real tiger. From then, he was called as Tiger Prabhakar. After receiving accolades, he continued his career and portrayed different roles in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu films. Besides his name Tiger Prabhakar, he became popular as Kannada Prabhakar, after portraying villain roles in many of Chiranjeevi’s films. He directed the box-office hit films, Mister Mahesh Kumar (1994) and Mahendra Varma (1993), which was produced under his own banner, Smt Jayamala Prabhakar.  He is also the director of the movie, ‘Good, Bad, Ugly’ that became a box-office hit as well. During the mid 80’s, he became one of the best popular actors who played in various family-oriented films together with Manjula, Bhavya and more. He was also featured in Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi’s starrer film, Inquilaab in 1984. He also got the chance to work with famous stars like Mammoothy, Dr. Rajkumar, Rajanikanth, Ambarish, Vishnuvardhan, Suresh Gopi and more.Tiger was the one who introduced Kanglish or a combination of Kannada and English languages in the Kannada films. Since then, several mimic artists declaim his Kanglish dialogues. The actor got married thrice; the first one is with Alphonza Mary with whom he had two daughters and one son namely Bharathi, Geetha and Vinod who is also an actor. Later, he got married to Kannada film actress, Jaimala and they have one daughter named, Soundarya. After his divorce to his second wife, he got married to another film actress, Anju and they have one son named, Arjun. However, their relationship did not end well and they had a divorce. Tiger was also known as a philanthropist who helped several charities during the peak of his career. His life story started from rags to riches and maybe that is the reason why he tends to help those in need. He climbed the success from nobody to a remarkable action king of the Kannada films. He donned films like Sri Krishnadevaraya, Paropakari, Mayura, Raja Nanna Raja, Mutthaide Bhagya and a lot more.Besides acting, he also entered the world of politics. He traveled around Karnataka and his people called him ‘Guru, you are our hope’. In the mid 80’s, he got a bike accident that became a major blow for the actor. In the early 2000’s, Tiger got a multiple organ dysfunction syndrome and on March 25, 2001, he died in Bangalore.

Tiger Prabhakar Kannada Actor