Vasishta N Simha

Other names of Vasishta N Simha: Vasishta N. Simha

Vasishta N. Simha is a famous Indian movie actor, who is best known for his work in Kannada films. Vasishta quit his job as a software engineer and decided to enter the Kannada film industry as an actor in 2011. He worked on an unreleased movie named Hubballi Hudagaru initially. He had his first release with Arya's Love (2013).

Simha ultimately made a breakthrough with his role as the main antagonist in Raja Huli (2013). It’s a remake of the Tamil film, Sundarapandian (2012). He appeared in Rudra Tandava (2014). Simha then featured in JKS's trilingual movie, Alone, in the lead role alongside Nikesha Patel. Performing the male lead, the movie won mixed reviews, and the actor managed to get an introduction into the Tamil and Telugu film industries.

Simha hails from Mysore and studied in Sharada Vilas School and Sadvidhya School. He grabbed an opportunity to work with the music legend, Hamsalekha. He then shifted base to Bengaluru and completed his graduation from National College, Basavangudi.

Manju Mandavya Kannada Actor

Manju Mandavya

MANJU MANDAVYA is a Kannada Screenwriter, director and actor.Manju who has recently directed a movie MASTERPIECE (released in December 2015 ) ,is a well know writer in kannad movies. Manju had written a lot of kannad movies and had actively directed his debut kannad movie.Manju Mandavya is considered a renowned script and dialogue writer in Sandalwood. Manju was not professionally an actor but he had acted in one of the movie for his dearest friend,Yash in RAJAHULI. He had also written the dialouges of the movie,Rajahuli. Manju Mandavya is connected with many Kannada movies as a writer. He is best known for his legendary Kannada movies like,Saavari 2, Rangan Style, Rajahuli and Mandahasa. Manju Mandavya has written many more movies . Few in the list are : 2016 - Nan Love Track 2015 -Masterpiece 2015- Muddu Manase 2014- Darling 2013- Ranjani Kantha 2011- Krishnan Marriage Story 2010- Prithavi 2010- Raksha 2005- 7'o clock 2006- Thenali Rama and many more. He had in total written dialogues in about 32 Kannads Movies. Not only writing,Manju had even nailed his path in acting , directing ,screenplay,dubbing artist,song lyrics writer, and of course, story builder. Manju had acted in the movie DOVE(2015) and has also been assistant director for movie, MOHINI (2006) for which he has also written dialogues.He was also an associate director for movie MASALA (2005) Manju Mandavya is a great friend of Rockstar Yash and had starred in the movie Rajahuli with him . Also his debut directorial movie,Masterpieace , is also starring his best friend. Manju Mandavya is also known with other names by the media and friends, they are - R Manju or Manjunath Mandovya . Recently Manju Mandavya has been in news for directing Upendra's 50th Kannada film.The news had been establised in media on October 14 , 2016.Manju Mandavya has been considered a very versatile person. He has that great imaginative mind and soul which is one of the great quality of a good writer.Manju Mandavya's directorial film was released under the banner of HOMBALE FILMS. Manju Mandavya is not really that social hence for the promotional attempt, Masterpieace had a twitter handle saying @YashMasterpiece and is following only @NimmaYash (Yash,Actor).


Sumanth Shailendra

Sumanth Shailendra is the famous Kannada actor, who was born on 7th September 1988 in Bangalore. His father Shailendra Babu is the well-known producer in the Kannada movie industry. Entering into the film industry was not a hard task for this guy, as his father was ready to produce movies for him. This young actor made his debut in 2011, through the movie, “Aata” with Vibha Natarajan. The movie showed him as a Football player. Though his role was portrayed well, it failed to attract the audiences. So, he wanted to polish him as an accomplished actor and underwent the acting training in Kishore Namith School of Acting. The luck favored him in the year 2013, through the movie, “Dilwala,” in which he paired with Radhika Pandit. The film earned him accolades from the critics and the audiences. After the hit movie, he did a romantic comedy entertainer, “Tirupati Express,” which is the official remake of the Telugu movie, “Venkatadri Express.” He performed in this movie with his original name, Sumanth. Though the film could not succeed in the box office, it was not a failure movie. Then, he performed in “Bettanagere,” a different movie, which is based on the real-life story. This movie has the cricket player Vinod Kambli as the villain. He has “Bhale Jodi,” a Telugu movie, directed by Sadhu Kokila for the release. Apart from this movie, Sumanth has “Lee,” which is under production.   Another Version Sumanth Shailendra is an Indian movie actor. He has mainly given his contribution in  Kannada movies. He was first seen in the movie Aata in the year 2011. He received greater recognition from the movie Dilwala in the year 2013.  He was born in Bangalore. His father Shailendra Babu has also worked in the Kannada film industry. His father served as a film producer in many Kannada movies. He made his enter into the Kannada movies with the movie Aata in 2011. The film was produced by his father and was directed by Vijayakumar. The movie was based on the story of Sumanth, who is a football player and belonged to a middle-class family. He played the role of Rahul and was paired opposite actress Vibha Natarajan. The movie made an average response at the theaters and was not appreciated by the critics as well.  The negative response of Aata motivated Sumanth to do better and to come with better performance. He joined the Kishore Namith School of Acting to improve his acting skills. The second project, which he signed was Dilwala. The movie was directed by Anil Kumar and produced by Shailendra Babu. Along with Sumanth Shailendra, the movie starred Radhika Pandit in the lead role. The movie was based on the concept of campus romance between a rich boy and a girl from the village. The film was shot on the locations of Ooty, Bangalore, Mysore, and  Dubai for two song sequence. ‘Dilwala’ was appreciated by the audience and the critics and collected around Rs 3.7crores on the first weekend.  His next movie was ‘Tirupathi Express’  in 2014. It was a comedy entertainer and along with him, the movie starred actress Kriti Kharbanda. The movie was a remake of the Telugu movie Venkatadri Express. The movie made an average remark at the box office. In 2015, he starred in movie Bettanagere, which was a crime thriller based on the underworld and directed by  Mohan Gowda B. G. The movie was produced by B. N. Swamy. Bettanagere,  was to make its release in 2013 but due to its critical story, it faced some issues and made its release in 2015.  In 2016, he was seen in the movie Bhale Jodi, which is a romantic comedy. The movie was a remake of Ala Modalaindi a Telugu movie by Reddy. The film was directed by Sadhu Kokila. The movie starred Shanvi Srivastava along with Sumanth and Harshika Poonacha in the lead roles. The actor is lined up with the movie Lee, which is to be released at the end of 2016.  

Sumanth Shailendra Kannada Actor