B S Kemparaju is an Indian editor, who worked in Kannada Film and television industry. He is from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Nenapirali in 2005, Mata in 2006, Ee Bandhana Ee Bandhana is a Kannada family drama serial broad >> Read More... Ee Bandhana in 200, Eleyaru Naavu Geleyaru Click to look into! >> Read More... Eleyaru Naavu Geleyaru , Veera Madakari Click to look into! >> Read More... Veera Madakari , Majjavillu and Saathruvvu are some of his films. He also worked in Rama Rama in 2016 and Bharat Stores in 2013, and Brahmi in 2020. He had also received the state award for his works. Bharat Stores is directed by P. Sheshadri, which is produced by Basanth productions in April 2013.