Kodlu Ramakrishna is a film Director. He has contributed predominantly in the Indian movie industry, significantly in Kannada cinema. He is famous and is the director of movies like March 22, Mr. Duplicate and Yeregla Panoduchi.

His recent film was Makkale Maanikya, which hit the theatres in 2014. He is a native of Kodlu Village, which is situated in Tirthahalli Taluk in Shimoga District in the state of Karnataka. He continues to be an enthusiastic and active contributor to the Kannada Film Industry for more than thirty years.

Kodlu has, to his credit about one-hundred documentaries and twenty-five movies in which the talented man has worked as a director as well as a producer. On the onset of his career in 1989, Kodlu Ramakrishna made his debut movie Bisilu Beladingalu.

From there till today he has grown continuously and has won multiple state awards and is the writer and director of projects which include Kadambari in 1993, Premi No. 1 in 1999, Hello in 2000. He was also part of Miss California in 2006, Mr. Duplicate in 2011, Manasa in 2013, and Eregla Panodchi in 2015.

His release in 2017 was the movie March 22 which starred Arya Vardan, Megha Srij, Kiran Raj Kiran Raj is a model turned entrepreneur turned ac >> Read More... Kiran Raj and Deepthi Shetty Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Deepthi Shetty . He is among the list of those very few directors who have made movies which are based on well-known and loved Kannada novels.

He is the deserved recipient of four state awards which he received from his state government and is also the godfather of many talented singers, actors, actresses, and musicians, whom he introduced to the Kannada film Industry.

These include M.D. Shridhar, Bhavana, Guru Kiran, Rajesh Krishnan Rajesh Krishnan is an eminent Indian playback sing >> Read More... Rajesh Krishnan , Digant. He believes in introducing people from rural areas to the television industry and also the film industry. He can be called a jack of all trades and has contributed to many film projects in the Kannada movie industry.

His filmography includes movies in the 1980's like Number Aidoo Ekka in 1981 where he was the associate director, the 1986 film Mouna Geethe where he was the assistant director and Bisilu Beladingalu where he was the screenplay writer, dialogue writer, as well as the director

. The 1990's saw films like Udbhava, Antharangada Mrudanga, Kadambari, Yarigu Helbedi, Nilukada Nakshathra, Kavya, Nee Mudida Mallige and Idu Entha Premavayya. He was part of Swalpa Adjust Madkolli in 2000, Premi No. 1 in 2001, miss California in 2006, Thamashegagi in 2007, Chilipili Hakkigalu in 2008, Manasa in 2013 and Aata Paata Aata Paata was a reality TV show including music a >> Read More... Aata Paata in 2015, among many more.